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The ACE 2014 maiden event that started with enormous spirit of enthusiasm attracted event managers and guests from across the country who became a platform for great knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas. Several topics catering to the event and entertainment industry were discussed in depth by the experts from their respective domains. Nothing can be as exciting as weddings in this country and India being a melting pot of traditions and cultures, the scope it offers through its diversity is heart-warming.

Weddings as we all are aware of have become a much classier and grand affair these days. The celebrations have become massive by collaborating with innovative ideas and approach. Beginning from ‘ghar ka aangan’ till the ‘destination weddings’, the customs have changed tremendously.

Prince Lakshyaraj Singh- Executive Director, HRH Group of Hotels, Samit Garg- Owner E-factor, Dr. Jaydeep Mehta- World Wide Weddings and True Events and Saurabh Agarwal- Red Events being on the panel, discussed their thoughts on the Wedding trends in this country.

Dr. Mehta looked back in time and shared his views about how the business of weddings is changing in the country. Starting from corporate events he elucidated on the shift of culture differentiating corporate events with social ones. Trends are changing in the great Indian wedding market.

Speaking on reasons that made him shift his focus from corporate to weddings, he said, “since, largely my clients were from real estate vertical and I was already serving them for corporate events, but when they required someone to do their social events for them, they approached me and insisted on taking it up. That’s where the idea to set up one-stop shop that caters to both corporate as well as weddings came to my mind. Now, my company World Wide Weddings specializes in signature and destination weddings.”

Moving further to Saurabh Agarwal, he threw light on the advent of weddings in Gujarat. He said that Ahmedabad was always understated and there wasn’t much respect paid to a wedding planner initially and slowly and gradually people started accepting concepts and market trends. “After Band Baja Baraat movie, people started looking at the wedding with respect, said Mr. Agarwal.” He discussed how the integration of technology has played a great role in the enhancement of this business. According to Mr. Agarwal, weddings are no more a platform for love solely but a status symbol as well. Thus the concept of Indian wedding has seen drastic changes, over the last few years. In the yesteryear, a wedding used to be a brief affair, confined to an economical budget. On the contrary, in today’s times, the ceremony is generally celebrated in an elaborated way, with numerous rituals and activities conducted before, during and after it. A splendid, colorful and extravagant venue, lavish feast and a series of guest entertainment activities build the show these days.

The session was concluded by one of the most renowned wedding planners in this country, Samit Garg. Weddings have become larger than life because they are platforms to share happiness getting together people to rejoice. Technology has been advancing and it is being incorporated in the realms of the events that we produce; we have inhabited a 360 degree approach towards our events. “Weddings are extremely inspirational, said Mr. Garg.” He elaborated on the fact how event managers dream their projects and bring life to them. Samit also mentioned that there are massive costs incurred at times because of a certain dream statement which is to be achieved.

The experts then moved on to share that one wedding that remains closest to their hearts and what lead to the execution of those weddings. Some great knowledge and ideas were discussed and showcased at the stage of EMF.

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