Can event automation replace the human experience? Read what the experts have to say

While event automation may seem to be a cool concept, however there are experts who believe that it can never come closer to the human experience.


Automation has become the new buzzword for event agencies worldwide. As we know curating and executing events is a complex exercise since there are multiple tasks involved in the creation of an event, right from registrations, venue sourcing, crowd-management to feedback and ROI measurement.

In such a complex industry, automation is helping in simplifying processes to a large extent. In India, event industry professionals are trying to employ best practices of automation across all processes. Be it connected solutions, reduced manual tasks and ease of management. 

While event automation may seem to be a cool concept, however there are experts who believe that it can never come closer to the human experience.

According to Rahul Gomes, Managing Director, OMCPL, “I don't believe there will ever come a time where automation can replace the human touch in the events and experiential business. This is simply because events are about experiences and emotions and that is something humans are better equipped to handle than any form of automation.”

“While automation does come in handy for building cleaner processes and streamlining event planning structures and is being used by many of us in building greater efficiency, it will never replace the human event professional,” added Gomes.

While the advantage of event automation is the simplification of various processes related to event planning, it also helps to save costs and time for event organisers. According to event experts, the right amount of customisation should be employed with automation to make it work for the event industry.

Sharad Mathur, Director, EMG Entertainment explains that the use of automation is witnessing a massive rise among Indian event agencies. “Automation is growing at a faster pace than we think. Our clients all across the globe receive automated email invites for events. After logging in from their FB or google account the event bot generates a QR code which is sent to the invitees mobile. This works as an automated entry to the event. We also have automated selfie booths which post your check- in and other event details online. Everything is synchronised and automated  such as interaction and welcome by Event Robot and followed by speeches through Holographics..”

However, many experts suggest that automation in the events has to be incorporated in a manner where the goals of the events are not altered and the audience takes back the right experience. They also say that while automation should be encouraged, it should not be devoid of the human touch.

According to Brian Tellis, Co-Founder and Group CEO -Fountainhead MKTG, “There is absolutely no replacement for experiences if it is curated to serve a finite purpose. The event/experiential industry will continue to bring community together for common objectives. Automation is a much required asset to the effectiveness of what we do, but it cannot and never will replace humans. Professionals should and are using automation to enhance consistency and quality of effectiveness of experiences.”

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