Can Fashion Industry Become Sustainable

Sustainable fashion addresses environmental challenges while benefiting the environment, writes Sandesh Ambhore


Humans are constantly in a rat race, and the outcomes are building up a massive pile of impediments and waste that is wreaking havoc on the environment. The frequency and severity of climate-related disasters are increasing around the world, and we are no longer in denial about the threat of climate change. However, as the urgency of addressing climate change grows, people are becoming more aware and educated. Furthermore, businesses across industries are working to reduce carbon emissions by implementing eco-friendly practices and raising the issue globally as a major concern that needs to be addressed. The fashion industry is no exception, as it is a major source of pollution in the environment.

The fashion industry has evolved and gained traction over time. Despite its adverse repercussions, which contribute to carbon emissions, generate massive amounts of waste, and pollute water sources. This is where the need for sustainable fashion comes into being. A growing number of people nowadays advocate for a more socially and environmentally responsible method of producing clothing. Even brands and retailers are striving to serve in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. And with the changing dynamics, nowadays, consumers are preferring sustainable fashion brands that are providing quality while making the best use of resources. As a result, fashion manufacturers are incorporating sustainability into their production schemes in order to stay responsive to market trends and create a positive consumer impact.

Sustainable Fashion: The Need of the Hour

Previously, there was a fast fashion trend in which businesses used cheap, unsafe materials with no concern for morals in order to generate big profits. However, in today's fashion world, sustainable fashion is a new reality. It promotes the idea that you can make the most of your clothes and use them for a long period without going out of style. Fashion designers are promoting sustainable fashion trends in response to a shift in customer purchasing behavior. Furthermore, the share of informed buyers who analyze the sources, value, and quality of a product before purchasing has increased dramatically. This is how sustainable fashion came into being.

Simply said, sustainable fashion is the panacea for all of fast fashion's woes. Sustainable fashion addresses all of the challenges raised by fast fashion. Thus, sustainable fashion addresses environmental challenges while benefiting the environment. It is ecologically favorable since it minimizes water usage, energy consumption, waste creation, and gas emissions. Furthermore, sustainable fashion employs recycled or renewable textiles to create high-quality garments, decreasing waste produced in the manufacturing process. Lastly, sustainable fashion is ethical since it improves working conditions and salaries for textile workers. As a result, in order to overcome all of the challenges, sustainable fashion has become the need of the hour to rule the realms by positively affecting mother earth. 

Fostering Sustainable Fashion 

As the globe continues to recover from the consequences of the pandemic, India's presidency will be beset by debt hardship, a lack of vital healthcare, food and energy security, biodiversity loss and pollution, and the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Economic, agricultural, and medical sectors have all suffered as a result of the pandemic, and India has to regain control both digitally and industrially.

As the fashion industry evolves and new trends emerge, governments around the world are focusing on a variety of issues such as urgent post-pandemic economic and medical recovery, debt vulnerabilities, and supply disruption. Moreover, particularly in developing countries, geopolitical tension due to war, ongoing conflicts in Europe, and the knock-on effects of rising inflation that is dragging every country down. In the current environment, every business is stretching its boundaries and prospering with new trends, and the fashion industry is no exception, as they are gravitating toward more sustainable options that are transforming the market for a brighter tomorrow.

Be the Change for Brighter Tomorrow!

The fashion business is a constantly evolving industry that changes with trends and time. And the pandemic has compelled individuals to purchase clothing that would allow them to be comfortable while also looking acceptable in their homes. Designers are discovering new avenues as customers are also changing and adapting eco-friendly practices. Nevertheless, the future will become bleak if we do not embrace sustainable fashion now. As a result, embracing sustainable fashion as a shift will undoubtedly cope up with the impediments imposed on the environment, and therefore will rule the realm in the coming future. 

Sandesh Ambhore is theCEO and Founding Director of  Styleyn

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