How need for refreshing outdoor travel experience has evolved over the years : Abhishek Dabholkar, Co-founder, Moonstone Hammock

The advancements in the arena of adventure camping has opened new doors to innovation in the camping culture of India writes Abhishek Dabholkar, Co-founder, Moonstone Hammock


In times like today, between life and work, weekdays rush quickly, and weekends pass by with lightning speed. Amidst all the rush, chaos and haste, people in India are looking for opportunities to pause for a while and spend time with nature to relax and rejuvenate.

Thus, the need for a refreshing outdoor experience has escalated since the last few years. This has paved way for advancements in the arena of adventure camping and has opened new doors to innovation in the camping culture of India. While most camping sites/organizations offer the gist of an age-old camping tradition, there are some that have already set out on the path to fuel their definition of camping with new, refined experiences.

In fact, these organizations/firms are on a quest to unravel one-of-a-kind natural encounters to redefine the overall camping culture in India and provide masses with exactly what they want – thrill, adventure and comfort. Most provide a wide array of these thrilling opportunities through Camping facilities, Back-Packing Trips, One-Day Experiences and Certified Training Programs for all the travel and camping enthusiasts out there.

Besides, India being the land of diverse cultures, breath-taking scenic views, and a distinctive topography, gives all the more reasons to explore and connect with one’s true self.

Lately, here’s the camping scenario in India which most people should witness and try out.

Event-Based Camping:

Event-Based Camping basically gives your festive celebrations a camping twist.

A camping experience with a festive flavour and vibe is created for families and groups to transform their celebrations into warm memories in the lap of nature. You can celebrate the festival of lights close to nature, surrounded by like-minded people, and an ambience that will make your heart happy. Or simply jump into your red pajamas, get into those woollen socks, sit by the campfire, roast some marshmallows and witness a starry night with all the Christmas-y vibe floating around you.

This innovation helps you make memories, the camper’s way!


Glamping is an acronym for Glamour Camping. It brings to you a subtle amalgamation of the comfort of luxury and the thrill of an adventure. With this innovation, an exotic camping culture is tailored to facilitate a stress-free experience. So, if your mood right now is to indulge in gluttony with family and friends and be surrounded with nature and top-notch amenities at the same time, Glamping is exactly what you should be doing!


Some of us desire to pause and sink in all the scenic beauty, whereas some of us make every reason, a reason to wander. For hearts that love living life on an edge, planning a back-packing trip is their way to go! These trips are fun, action and adventure-filled trips that will take you on a journey to unravel some unexplored gems in India.

Traditional Camping:

This category of camping requires you to be super active, enthusiastic and smart. Most camping organizations provide campers with an opportunity to explore the wilderness and set out on a real adventure with activities that require you to build your own raft, construct your own tent, draw water from a tiny waterfall or any water source nearby, cook, watch constellations, sit by the campfire, etc.

This is the category that is most loved by people since it gives them a chance to disconnect with the world out there, connect with nature and give some time to themselves.

The mindset nowadays is transforming into delivering work productively and giving equal amount of time and space for personal growth. Also, the upcoming generation is very much keen on learning and exploring the best of both worlds. The pace with which the camping culture in India is progressing is rapid. It is only a matter of time until camping evolves as one of the most promising and rewarding career option.

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