COVID-19 and the Indian Wedding Industry; why a quick divorce matters?

COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a new challenge to businesses across sectors and the Wedding Industry is no exception.


We have read so much about the Indian Wedding Industry. It has been called the driving force of the events economy, or rather it's buzzing engine. Though it is a highly unorganised sector, however, the entire wedding ecosystem provides livelihood to millions of people across the country. 

Till recently the India Wedding Industry was called recession proof, and rightly so. In 2008 when the country was beset with an economic challenge, the industry took it in its stride and sailed through it smoothly. Likewise during demonetisation, or the recent economic slowdown, the industry has largely been unaffected.

However the latest COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a new challenge to businesses across sectors and the Wedding Industry is no exception. 

We spoke to some of wedding industry representatives  to know about the impact of COVID-19 on the sector and  this is what they had to say:

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Director and Co-Founder, FB Celebrations

As wedding planners, our main priorities are the families and their guests especially the young and the elderly. In the midst of this outbreak we take the utmost care when safety comes into play by sanitizing the venues and the hotel rooms according to the official procedures issued by the World Health Organization and encouraging the vendors and staff working on the events to wear masks and keep their hands sanitized.

Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO,

A lot of changes will happen in the wedding domain due to this long lock-down. Most families are just postponing the dates because they are unaware of the government’s decision on the number of guests at a function. We are unsure whether any family would opt for any international destination wedding, considering the outbreak. In the time of uncertainty you do not think of a celebration which is a luxury, for families who can’t wait are opting for simpler ceremonies and might have a bigger celebration for their anniversaries.

Hemant Kale, Director, Swaaha EMC Pvt Ltd 

The business was good until February. The Pandemic has affected 10-15% of the overall business that we had anticipated. The fear that we possess now is what it is that the future holds for us. Hopefully we shall soon see the good day of light. Business will slowly come back. We will take 8 to 10 months to recover from the time we are back in business. There will be a major fear for travel and to attend large gatherings and hence the comeback will be a slow one.

Amit Dhoka, Director, Chandra Weddings:

Looking at the upcoming market of weddings, people have started holding their bookings. The lockdown is a big hit to tourism and hospitality and hence, the weddings have been affected. The other tertiary industries like the decor, lights, sound, floral which form an important part of the wedding segment have been impacted. There are certain weddings that are still happening as scheduled with limited guests and only close family members. 

Gunjan Bansal, CEO, L’amore Weddings

This is just a phase and the wedding industry will soon gain speed in the coming time. Also, post this scare, it will be a good time to host a destination weddings because prices of all things will go low.

Pratishtha Arora, Wedding Make-Up Artist

Weddings are not getting outright cancelled but the clients are requesting for holding or postponing the dates till the situation gets better. For the bookings received for April end, there is still uncertainty because people are hesitant to have a gathering or to be a part of a gathering.

Trrishant Sidhwaani, Director, DreamzKrraft Weddings

Everything is under lockdown mode and all future events have changed status to tentative. Times are too uncertain and everyone is just waiting this out. My advice to everyone in the industry- support your daily wage earners because they are going to be impacted the most. Times will get better as weddings are a necessity in India. As long as Indians are alive and breeding, there will be weddings and our industry will thrive. Humanity and health above all.

Arnav Bhanot, Chief Operations Officer,

The entire team of has taken up an initiative to provide assistance and answer the queries of the helpless couples and their families in these hard times. “Do not panic, we will fight this together. The Industry will take necessary steps so as a common man doesn't suffer loss and plans the wedding with utmost ease in the times ahead.

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