Buzzwords are ‘job satisfaction’ and ‘cool workplaces’- Sandeep Kapoor, MD, RelioQuick


The last decade has been extremely momentous and significant for all of us. Thousands of new companies have come up, and hundreds have closed down. Established players are facing the heat, and the smart ones who survived now understand the importance of ‘changing with the times’. Right from the Social Media Revolution, to the Political Revolution in India (which again had social media playing a major role in it), this decade has been one of ‘change’. Let’s look at some of the aspects of this change:

  • People:The typical young CEO is changing. From being a suited-booted polished MBA grad, to a young daring boy or girl in jeans, who is passionately and fearlessly chasing his or her And with a change in the leader, there are changes in organizational cultures. ‘Entrepreneurship’ is the coolest profession now unlike a decade ago. The average employee wants more from his job. Money and comforts are not the only criteria anymore. ‘Job satisfaction’ and ‘cool workplaces’, instead, are the buzzwords.

  • Technology: If you’re not up-to-date with it, sorry, you’re definitely losing out. From smartphones to cloud-based CRM/ERP softwares to big data analytics to cyber security firms to of course, e-commerce, ‘tech’ is changing the whole game pretty fast. In 2004, who could have thought that an “instant messaging” mobile app would be acquired by a “social networking site” for $19 billion. The world is becoming smaller with every new mobile app. Technology is the key force behind – ‘Think Global. Talk Global’.

  • Business:The movement from tactical means to customer satisfaction has levelled up further to customer delight and customer surprise. Deliver more than you promise. One thing that still remains powerful as ever is ‘personal relationships’.

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