Building brand image through events: Azhar Morani, Dome Corporates

For any successful event, it is compulsory to choose the right audience along with the suitable platform, writes Azhar Morani, Division Head, Dome Corporates.


Every brand should focus on a strategic and holistic approach while organizing an event. While marketing overall plays a pivotal part in brand building, events also hold a key role in the same. It is imperative to keep in mind the purpose of the specific event – whether it is a product launch for the masses or a targeted event for a particular segment of audience.

Without the right communication, the messaging fails to reach the target audience. Also, various ramifications of the event include media outreach, advertising - in print media and outdoor including hoardings. Social media also plays a key role in the promotion of an event and ensure the right attendees. If there is no amplification on social media, then in today’s time, it becomes difficult for any brand to hit the right target audience. Not only does it create a long lasting impression but creates a strong on ground connect with the audience.

Some facts to be kept in mind while organizing an event to build the brand image are:

Pick the right event:

Not every event calls for mass attendances. There are some events which are high end and the crowd is niche. Those events are especially private ones wherein the audience includes a specific group of audience. Brands prefer to keep such events exclusive and the propositions presented are strong, crisp yet enticing. From décor to detailed arrangements are made per the taste of the guests. This, however, is promoted through social media on digital platforms.

In striking contrast, the mass events including concerts, mall activations, festivals, exhibitions, sports have brands targeting a larger audience wherein they not only promote particular products but also the overall emotion of the brand. Hence, it creates a connection between the consumers and the brands.

Amplification of the events:

The correct exposure is extremely important for building a brand image. Sometimes, brands need to be present at a large scale event to connect with the audience or get a feel of the response from their customers. For example, at a music concert like Sunburn or NH7, liquor brands are present, not only for sales purposes but also to interact with their customers and understand their preferences. The audiences here mainly comprise younger crowd and it creates a perfect platform for liquor brands, music gadget brands to not only showcase their brand but also get them a feel of the brand essence. Similarly, in a high end event like a luxury car launch, the target audience is mostly senior corporate executives and businessmen who would be interested in a product in terms of affordability and taste.

Corporate events are generally covered by the media as they are the perfect platform to reach the target audience whereas mass events rely on social media promotions for amplifying their messaging.


Most events require extensive sponsors. Brands can see it as an opportunity to promote themselves among the appropriate audience. However, it is mandatory to keep in mind the correct event sponsor to maintain the brand imagery for both the event as well as the brand. For example, for a sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas or Puma, it is best to target sports events like football matches or cricket, which is so highly received in the country. Similarly, liquor, gadgets brands would prefer to opt for music concerts or festivals while designers like to promote themselves via exhibitions.

Product Launches:

This kind of event is organized as per the requirement of the product. A travel brand would like to opt for a mall activation to promote a certain destination. Similarly different brands would choose as per the criteria of the customers which include preference, age group among others.

For any successful event, it is compulsory to choose the right audience along with the suitable platform. Key messaging should also be clearly communicated to the TG to avoid any miscommunication. Messaging should kept as to the point as possible to gauge the attention of the audience.

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