Brand Promotions to organize Run Swim Run in Goa as part of UIPM Biathle World tour

Run Swim Run the first Indian official UIPM Biathle World tour is taking place in Goa, Miramar beach on the 17th of December. Brand sports a division of Brand promotions India brings this new wave of fitness and athleticism in India which is an interesting combo of Running and Swimming.


The International Modern Pentathlon Union, commonly known by the acronym UIPM, is the international governing body of Modern Pentathlon is one of the oldest Olympic sports. UIPM Biathle World Tour is a sub-sport of Modern Pentathlon invented to create opportunities to train running and swimming parts of the Pentathlon in real race conditions.

The Modern Pentathlon Federation of India or MPFI is the Indian official body affiliated to UIPM that governs and promotes the sport in the country.

The general secretary of MPFI, Namdev Sirgaonkar had this to say to the youth of our country “This is the first International event in India, and that’s why we are hosting it at Goa to make it a huge public attraction in such a grand way - there are a lot of International Events coming down the line in India in the coming years which we can assess by the feedback we are getting from the general public and various sports administrators”.

Run Swim Run is a template of biathle that involves alternating bouts of running with a long swim in between. The legs are raced with continuous transition like the Olympic version. The race length and swim distance depends on age which is as per official UIPM parameters from 200 m to 50 metre swim and a total of 3.2 km run.

Sunil Kutty Menon, the Director of Brand Sports, a division of Brand Promotions India who has been mandated by UIPM and MPFI to manage this tour in India commented “It’s been an honour for us to be a part of the UIPM Olympic family and conduct this tour in Goa, India. We will be registering close to 200 athletes among the 12 categories and see it as a positive start in India”.

With athletes coming from different parts of the world, this will be an event of international competitiveness aiming to result in a bonding that only sports can achieve while giving the country a push towards fitness which is on the rise.

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