Bollywood Music Project gets the pulse of Bollywood culture

We seldom come across an event that is an exact transcription of its good name, but Bollywood Music Project, held on 30th September and 1st October at the Reliance Jio Gardens, Mumbai, stood out to that effect. It had a distinct air of sweat and hard-work with reasonably good content, but the hint of bareness subtly suggested a sleepless night’ s quickly put-together activities.


The vibe was certainly not akin to the quintessential music festival, but that said, Bollywood Music Project bore testimony to its name with dollops of Bollywood and Music that would set your heart humming. While the impromptu Mumbai rains, did send the audience running for cover in the beginning of the second day, and got everybody frowning at the open sky, it was a smart move on part of the crew to come up with little folded raincoats for all in some time. Interesting fact to be noted, surprise raincoats in pink can make the ladies unfathomably happy even when carefully mentored cosmetics are being ravaged by a steady drizzle.

It was very commendably a novel initiative to create a festival for exclusively Bollywood music, given that it is one of the master USP drivers in every music festival, be it Electronic or Indie. Event capital and TM Talent management’s venture to bridge the gap definitely generated a stir in a crowd that is crazy about Bollywood. “Why does Bollywood not have a festival of its own? When TM approached us with an idea, we saw merit through our scale lens and decided this is the next big thing in Music, Bollywood presented in a festival format in an alternative and experimental culture, it makes great concept and business sense for us as a part of our core business,” said Deepak Chaudhary, Founder And Director of Event Capital.

The scintillating line-up delivered a wide variety of music spanning different genres. Divya Kumar for the first time presented ‘Shubharambh’ on a public show, and tuned in to the Navratri mood, with the crowd being induced to shake a leg. While ‘Baaki baatein peene baad’ by Arjun Kanungo could merit swaying hands, it seems melody stole the stage with an enraptured crowd at the ‘Tribute to S.D. Burman’ retro performances, and Zubeen Garg’s soulful numbers. The lack of enough distance between two stages created a noise backdrop which hindered the musical experience to some extent.

Stalls like Mexican Express, Wok express and Maroosh, beckoned with their treats, but there was a dearth in the energy of food till late in the evening. One might think the obligation to take cumulative food coupons in multiples of Rs. 500, might have been the dampening of appetite for gourmet munchers on that score.

It was a good beginning, and we look forward to it getting grand down the years.

“With BMP, we wish to present a unique live musical experience with Bollywood Music. We are fortunate to have a great support in this maiden venture from artists like Rekha Ji, Hariharan, Sajid Wajid and Sunny MR who is our core advisory and are working very closely on the project,” said Tarsame Mittal, Founder, TM Talent Management.

There was a quaint picnic spirit that prevailed, one promising an easy transition into the quintessential 'music concert frenzy' if the organizer’s vision finds realization.

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