Blast from the past: best experiential campaigns from Sept


As the year is closing towards its holiday season the war of experiential between brands is intensifying. While some are sticking to their original roots and reiterating their brand identities with creative on ground offerings to their target consumers, others are riding the digital wave to generate likeminded experiences.

The month of September witnessed some of the most creative experiential campaigns by brands like Epson, Carlsberg, Nestle and others. In this list we at EE share, the 4 experiential campaigns that grabbed the most eyeballs last month.

Medieval activation by Carlsberg

This particular experiential initiative by Carlsberg proves yet again why it is considered as one of the most consumer centric brands across the world. As a part of this the beer brand had created a London pop-up bar which was Housed in The Vaults underneath Waterloo station.

Executed in the last week of September, the overall concept of the activation was inspired from the idea of connecting the drink with 887 year heritage that it represents. It was themed in the style of the Grimbergen Abbey, where the drink was first brewed.

An estimated 600 people attended this medieval activation and they were treated to a complimentary half pint of the blonde craft beer and music from The Retrosettes and High Jives.

2-Epson Giant Water Tank in Times Square

This one is certainly one of the most path breaking experiential campaign to be executed in recent times. For the launch of their new line of EcoTank printers Espon created a giant water tank in Times Square and infused the elements of synchronized swimming performances to showcase them.

Interestingly, the performers wore custom swimsuits which were designed with Epson printing technology. The bottom and rear panels of the tank were designed with the Epson ink cartridge to make believe audiences that swimmers were actually performing in ink. Additionally, pedestrians were also provided photo opportunities with the swimmers and the chance to test out the EcoTank printers.

3-Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Fair

Everyone loves cake and everything related to it. The creamy frosting, the flavors, the scrumptious designs all make it a delight to cherish. However, what would your reaction be if one told you, you can also wear cakes now!

Well, no kidding. Cake artists and pastry chefs from around the world participated in the first ever Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Fair, which took place September 18 to 20 in Orlando. The best part about the fair was undoubtedly how models in the event's fashion show wore outfits created entirely of edible materials such as chocolate, fondant, gum paste, and sugar art. Now that is some experience for the viewers.

4-National Cheeseburger Day

This experiential initiative celebrated the love shared by New Yorkers for a Cheeseburger. Yes, to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on September 18, the Melt (a fast-food eatery in the city) partnered with cheese sculptor Troy Landwehr to create a Guinness World Record-breaking cheese sculpture.

This Cheeseburger sculpture was made with cheddar cheese from scratch and resembled the burger served in the restaurant. With over 30 hours spent on its creation, this delicious installation weighed 1,524 pounds and was a nice surprise for the customers of the restaurant who wanted to celebrate the day with great fervor.


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