Better to Be Yourself & Do What You Are Cut Out For: Ketan Dewan

GRANDMARK is a single stop to enlighten students & professionals, allow them to seek proper career guidance and create their own success stories.


Mom says that I should become like Amitabh Bachchan while Dad says that I should become like Sunder Pichai. And the naïve me is asking myself,” why should I not be like myself.” 

World over, millions of students have to face this question- What should I do in life? & most answers are weird, irrelevant and safe suggestions that emerge from the career/life limitations of the people we interact with, including our parents, friends & relatives. 

As a sub 10-year-old, we started by thinking that we will join the army or become a doctor or a pilot. As we came to our teens, our aspirations began to change and we start experiencing varied other career options like lawyer, chartered accountant, engineering, marketing, sports, theatre etc. The ambiguity of what to do in life begins early on- right from the time we make a choice of stream post Class 10 to our graduation & stays with us during our first few jobs and continues even later in our adult life.

There are lots of questions in our mind but nobody to guide us through: 

• What career path could give me success, money, fame etc?
• When will my career choice be without conflicts with parents and peer comparisons?
• How can I have a clear plan to reduce my stress & anxiety about my future?
• I don’t want anyone’s opinion. Can someone just listen to what I want? 

And the list can go on and on. To bridge this gap Talocity presents GRANDMARK, a single stop to enlighten students & professionals, allow them to seek proper career guidance and create their own success stories.

Concept & Methodology 

A candidate needs to record a 2-3-minute video pitch, during which the AI-enabled tool will capture the eye ball movements, choice of words, tone and more than 100 data points on the face. This goes in for a psycholinguistic analysis to generate the GRANDMARK Cognitive Personality Report (GCPR) 

Simple 2 Step process 

Step 1: GRANDMARK’s career seekers (students & professionals) undergo a video-based assessment to help identify their strengths & weaknesses, dominant traits, interest areas & more; basis our Industry Benchmarked Cognitive Personality Report 

Step 2: Further, using these insights, they engage with our Career Experts to arrive at the most suitable stream selection & career direction during any stage of their career or life.

GRANDMARK Cognitive Personality Report (GCPR) 

The syndrome of ambiguity & associated learning to improve on our limitations keeps us away from our core strengths. The report helps to solve this for you. It presents your top strengths & weaknesses & your dominant personality trait and that in itself is a reassurance that you are unique. Amidst so many confusing & conflicting statements from everyone around, the report acts as a pillar of strength to help you experience clarity. 

Are you successful- are you doing what you are destined for- this is only possible to know basis a true analysis of Who you Are? So only when you Know Yourself, will you be able to Master Yourself.

Hence, it’s better to Be Yourself & do what you are cut out for than try to be someone else and live out of the Pack.

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