Bengaluru By Design Festival 2018 kicks off with Business X Design series

The event was curated by 3one4capital and focused on conversations on the value of design in business growth.


A design focused festival dedicated to the public, Bengaluru By Design presented a panel discussion on 10 October at WeWork Galaxy, Bengaluru. Bengaluru by Design festival will take place from 23 November - 2 December 2018 in Bengaluru with the support of the Productivity Partner, Wework. Business X Design is the first in a series of design-focused discussions — D: Talks, which will take place as part of the precursor events in the lead up to the festival.

The event was curated by 3one4capital and focused on conversations on the value of design in business growth, design - the investor perspective, design thinking and application, highlighting the transformative role of intuitive design innovations in establishing business success. The panelists also highlighted the importance of design education, especially for young entrepreneurs and startups, and spoke about why design should be included in schools and post-graduate institutions.

Panelists at Design X Business included Pranav Pai, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer, 3one4 Capital, Rahul Gonsalves, Founder, Uncommon, Abhay Hanjura, Founder, Licious, Kannan Sitaram, Venture Partner, Fireside Ventures, Shezan Bhojani, CEO, Design Cafe, Viswanathan Ramakrishnan, CEO and Co-Founder, Magic Crate in conversation with Madan Padaki, Founder and CEO, iBridge and Sonia Manchanda, Founding Partner, Spread Design and Consulting.

The event was introduced by Suprita Moorthy, Founder of Bengaluru By Design who introduced the panel and emphasized how design thinking is applied to accelerate the growth of contemporary businesses today. Business x Design brought together many brilliant minds who presented their unique approaches to building successful ventures. She also spoke about her vision for the Bengaluru By Design Festival, “The festival aims to contribute to the reputation of the city by adding new stories of design. Our programme will showcase outdoor commissions in major public places, design exhibitions, India Design Forum Conference, workshops, product showcases, design fairs, advances in design & technology and much more. While many of these projects are temporary we hope they make a mark and help to define our city. The public face of the festival is vital to our mission of bringing design to a wider audience. 'Lots of people will go to see these things, but the biggest audience will be the passers-by who won't be particularly knowledgeable or aware of design.” she said

Bengaluru By Design, founded by Suprita Moorthy with co-founder Priyanka Shah-Bhandary will be a design focused festival dedicated to the public with over 20 events across 9 days with the aim of engaging an audience of over 6 million. The Festival will bring tangible change across the city through public installations, workshops, conferences, screenings, talks and design-pop-ups, design markets, and more from 23 November - 2 December 2018 in Bengaluru. The BBD Festival in November will engage diverse audiences via a series of design interventions that will challenge public perceptions of design through experience. The Founders are focused on exposing both Bangalore and India to the diversity of global design, honouring the city’s design talent whilst also functioning as a platform for international creative dialogues with strong participation from around the world. Fostering innovation and creativity within the community, Bengaluru By Design intends to empower the public via innovative programming, talks, exhibitions and public installations.

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