Beam Suntory, the Finest Premium Spirits Company in the World, brings its First Indian Whiskey - Oaksmith

The blend brings the best of East and West in a bottle, making Oaksmith the first of its kind Indian whiskey with a truly international spirit.


The global premium spirits company Beam Suntory has combined its knowledge of spirits from around the world to bring a special blend to India with the introduction of their first Indian whiskey‘Oaksmith’. The blend brings the best of East and West in a bottle, making Oaksmith the first of its kind Indian whiskey with a truly international spirit being a harmonious blend of the best of Scotch, American Bourbon and the impeccable craftsmanship of Japan.

From Grain to Bottle - A Spirit with a Differentiated Taste

The whiskey is made by combining the finest scotch, which has been distilled in some of the most iconic distilleries in Scotland, and the most premium Bourbon from America. It is then aged in newly charred American white oak barrels for four years to develop the rich and exquisite flavour profile. The name - Oaksmith - is a tribute to these fine oak casks in which the spirit is aged in.

A Product of Dedication and Craftsmanship

It is a whiskey that is gentle on the nose and strikes a balance between the oak’s woodiness with notes of cereal sweetness and spice, giving it a beautiful finish. This symphony of flavours has been achieved through the dedication and craftsmanship of world-renowned Master-Blender Shinji Fukuyo - the man behind the award-winning Japanese whiskies such as Hibiki and Yamazaki. He travelled far and wide across India to understand the nuances of Indian food and flavours and what could match perfectly with it. He ensured that the blend is such that it appeals to the sensibilities and the palates of all Indian consumers - beginners and connoisseur alike.

Pegging it High with the Packaging

Oaksmith believes in always striving for more, hence it is meant for those who want to peg it higher and not settle for the norm. Aside from the distinguished flavour profile, Oaksmith is the only other Indian whisky with a distinctive packaging in the category. The exquisite blend is encased in a beautifully crafted six-sided bottle with a tall neck and beveled edges, reflecting the brand philosophy of standing tall. It also has special tamper-proof bottle caps, made in France, to protect and keep up the standard of quality set by Beam Suntory. The blend is aged in newly charred American white oak barrels for four years, giving the brand its name and also inspiring the round labels of the bottle to celebrate its distinctive craftsmanship.

There will be two variants of the product -Oaksmith and Oaksmith Gold- which will be launched first in the state of Maharashtra, followed by the rest of the country in due course. Oaksmith Gold will be priced in the range of INR 800 to INR1300, while Oaksmith will be priced in the range of INR 600 to INR 900 depending upon the state of launch. Both the variants will be premium in their respective categories due to the international quality of blend and craftsmanship they offer. Oaksmith aims to set a new standard in the Indian whisky segment by being the first in India to have world’s most revered master blender Shinji Fukuyo, who has more than 30 years of experience creating the world’s most awarded whiskies, blended Scotch Malt Whiskies and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, from distilleries over 200 years old, with the finest spirit grains can produce. As a result, the taste is rich, smooth and uniquely international, all trademark of a more progressive whisky - one that sets new standards of smoothness and great taste.Oaksmith Gold, on the other hand, is a unique first of its kind, truly international whisky being a harmonious blend of the best aged Scotch Malt Whiskies from Scotland and smoothest American Bourbon Whiskey aged in American oak barrels, combined using impeccable craftsmanship of Japan. It has a fine balance of smokiness, sweetness and smoothness, a hallmark of this rare blend.

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