BSN Presents BSN India Roadshows 2013 In Association With Neulife


Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN) recently brought to India Guy Cisternino and India Paulino and held a set of roadshows across four cities in India to bring together strength-training and fitness enthusiasts under one roof. The roadshows were held from Dec. 16 to 22 at Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai and were presented by Neulife, a nutrition supplements provider. Pegasus Events handled the Mumbai leg of the event, held on Dec. 22 at St. Andrews Auditorium.

The event attracted the attention of about 400 people who gathered to witness and interact with with BSN sponsored athletes, Guy Cisternino and India Paulino. The highlight of the event was a strength contest moderated by a strength master coach from Neulife. The activity included people indulging in deadlifts, squats and bench presses, apart from heavy weightlifting. Since Neulife and BSN are both fitness related companies, this was considered as one way to promote the sport of powerlifting.

Elaborating on this, Shiraaz Garivala, Production Manager, Pegasus Events, said, “The main attraction at the event was the presence of two international athletes, Guy Cisternino and India Paulino. BSN is a company providing cutting edge products in terms of fitness, and so it was important to show the kind of impact a BSN product can have on an athlete’s capability. The event being a strength contest, we had to reinforce the stage with protective material to ensure that no damage occurred. The underlying message of powerlifting being a valid sport was the reason these activities were planned.”

Speaking about the roadshow and its presence in India, Meenal Sharma, Marketing Head, Neulife, said, “We held a similar roadshow in 2011 too. The event was presented by Neulife with BSN as the brand. Touch points like the photo-op wall with the athletes, juice bars and BSN products as strength contest prizes were some of the ways in which the brand message was given out.”

BSN also offered products seminars, free samples, competitions and prizes and goody bags for all attendees of the event.

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