BACARDÍ is all set to #PassTheBeat with 15 artists across 3 countries, creating 7 hours of non-stop live music

Zokhuma, Dualist Inquiry, Sickflip, Mojojojo and Lost Stories join 10 more artists from South Africa and Philippines, in a first-of-its-kind global movement to raise spirits this Sunday.


BACARDÍ, the famous premium rum brand, is bringing together isolated fans from around the world, through their unique, virtual #PassTheBeat movement. Major artists and performers from India – and get this – the Philippines and South Africa, will #PassTheBeat from country to country, to get fans moving. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for 7 hours of nonstop live music from the comfort of your homes, starting 4PM (IST) this Sunday.

The movement will see every country feature their own mix of artists, who will each host a live DJ set on their Instagram page, before they #PassTheBeat to the next performer. The party will kick start, on Filipino rapper Alisson Shore’s Instagram, this Sunday at 4PM (IST). Zokhuma will lead the India leg at 7PM (IST), followed by Mojojojo at 7:30PM, Sickflip at 8PM, Dualist Inquiry at 8:30PM and close with Lost Stories at 9PM. The ‘beat’ will then head to South Africa’s Speedsta who will take over at 9:30PM.

Witness a range of genres as the artists jump from hip-hop, to techno and tropical, and keep the beat going as they do what moves them. Viewers will also get to see some creative collaboration, as each artist performs a remixed version of a track created by the preceding performer.

India, it’s time to kick off those sweatpants and leave your couch to #DoWhatMovesYou. Tell your friends, join the party, and let’s #PassTheBeat on to keep us connected.

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