Athletics Federation of India, Artemis Hospital and Provee associate with Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon 2019

The fifth edition of the Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon will be held on 1 December 2019.


The Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon today announced its association with the Athletics Federation of India, Artemis Hospital and Nutritional food brand Provee. The Millennium City Marathon (MCM), which was conceptualized by Abhishek Mishra, ULTRAMAN & IRONMAN Triathlete and CEO – Tabono Sports & Events Pvt Ltd, began with a vision to spread the fitness virus across all age-groups of the society.

"A successful run and the world-class experience in any running event is only possible with the joint effort of many teams and brands. We are proud to have AFI, Artemis Hospital and Provee joining us in the 5th edition of Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon, Gurugram. The status of the run has gone up with these brands on board. It gives a lot of value to runners and to the professional athletes," said Abhishek Mishra.

The Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon has received a license from AFI and has become an Athletics Federation of India approved event. The AFI has associated with 11 private marathons in the country. The participants at the Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon will be eligible to qualify for various other marathons in India such as the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Tata Mumbai Marathon and so on through the certificate received after completion of their race at ATMCM.

"Athletic Federation of India has associated with Millennium City Marathon, Gurugram. This race is happening since 2015 and has seen the growth to become one of the most popular runs for amateur and elite runners in NCR.  We will give our best support to make it a great race for competitive athletes and a wonderful run for all other participants," said C K Valson, Secretory, AFI.

One of the biggest hospitals in Gurugram, the Artemis Hospital has joined the Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon as the medical partner. Artemis Hospital will provide medical assistance during the fifth edition of the event. They will set up medical stations on the route to ensure that the runners are provided all the medical attention such as first-aid, Volini spray and so on. The hospital will be deploying a big Volvo bus which will have all kinds of medical facilities and fully equipped for all medical emergencies. 

"The Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon has ensured that the people of Gurugram lead a healthy lifestyle and Artemis Hospitals are honoured to be the medical partner of the event. Our team will ensure that the runners receive all the medical assistance required. We will deploy ambulances and medical stations during the race," said Dr. Anjali Kaul Medical Superintendent, Artemis Hospital.

India’s first high protein spreads brand Provee has joined the Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon as the nutrition partner. Provee will be drawing out a pre-event and post-event diet plan for the runners. They will help runners understand what to eat in order to carry out a smooth run and recover quickly after the marathon. 

“An athlete should train for a marathon by running regularly but they should also emphasise on a good diet. Our products are India’s First High Protein Peanut Spreads with the goodness of Protein and Unsaturated Fats, both of them being amongst the most essential elements in a runner’s diet. It’s a privilege for us to be the nutrition partner of the Apollo Tyres Millennium City Marathon. We will provide dietary tips for the participants on our Instagram so that the runners can train better and complete their marathon seamlessly and record their best timing,” said Veer Kohli, Founder, Provee.

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