At Kidzee, the interest of a child is central in everything we do- Abhishek Shahdeo, Zee Learn Ltd


After previously organizing fairs and trade shows to engage kids through art and music activities, Kidzee, the network of preschools in India, has come up with a brand new campaign themed- ‘Globe-athon – A World Run’.

As a part of this campaign, Kidzee aims to run weekly contests on their digital platform (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest), where they will invite all the parents to participate by sharing their summer tales and their experiences with kids during summers and win exciting prizes.

EE speaks to Abhishek Shahdeo, Digital Marketing Head, Zee Learn Limited on more details about the campaign, their flagship program ‘I Care’ and the marketing strategies of the brand in the year ahead.

Q-This “Globe-athon-A World Run” campaign was launched on 13th April and ends on 10th May this year so what is the response that you have received so far?

A-So far we have received a participation of around 25000 people on social media and as far as outreach is concerned we have crossed the 5 million mark on twitter and 5 million on facebook and other social media platforms. So collectively the outreach of the campaign thus far is around 10 million people.

Q- The campaign is all about the connect between parents and kids via sharing interesting stories and win prizes in the process. How was the idea of this campaign conceived?

A-Every pre-school during this time of the year comes up with unique summer camp activities and this is one activity that Kidzee decided to come up with. We wanted to provide the kids an exciting way to learn more content in and around the world so we landed up on using digital as a medium as that excites us all. Another highlight of the campaign is that we wanted more and more kids and families to be a part of it and hence this is not an “Only-Kidzee” campaign and everyone can participate in it. The content on the digital platform includes information on more and more cuisines, healthy breakfast, art, various cultures etc.

Q- What was the spend by Kidzee on this campaign?

A-Since this is an ongoing campaign and as part of the media plan we are doing display marketing activities, on ground activities by reaching out to parents, mobile campaigns and online campaigns we cannot quote a final figure at this point however the digital marketing activities involved in the campaign amount of roughly 10-12% of the overall marketing budget of Kidzee.

Q-The flagship ‘I-Care campaign’ by Kidzee is based on the sensitive issue of child abuse. Share with us some experiential activities that you are about to execute in light of the campaign this year?

A-I care is something which is in the DNA of Kidzee and is our core-principle. We at the organization start anything with the idea of doing anything which is right for a child. I Care is not only about the physical and sexual abuse of a child it is also about child safety and making them understand how to deal with strangers outside. This is an ongoing activity and as part of it every month we have events happening at different venues across the country. Last year we did an I Care event at Bangalore followed by I care walkathon at Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Our aim as a part of this cause is to reach out to maximum people and invoke more conversations on the theme as people do not prefer to speak about it and we are trying to do so with more parents and kid involving activities and experience sharing.

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