Ashley Lobo to bring international dance theatre in India through 'Navdhara'


Known as one of the pioneers of international dance in India, Ashley Lobo, Indian Australian choreographer has recently started India's first repertory dance theatre company Navdhara, thus adding another feather to the cap of the choreographer post DanceWorx which has over 5000 students.

With the aim to put India on the Globe in terms of dance theatre, the USP of Navdhaara lies in its abstract format. The audience can draw their own conclusions about the dance and the performance will be followed by an interactive session where the audience can share their own perspective at the end of the show.

With their theatrical productions ‘Amaara’ scheduled to be premiered in Mumbai on March 26, followed by shows in Delhi and USA in the next 3 months; EE spoke to the choreographer about their latest production, its concept and other integrating elements.

“International Dance Theater as an art is very new in India, the dance form is very abstract in comparison to Indian contemporary art forms which have a story so the idea behind the setting up of Navdhaara India Dance Theater (NDIT) was to bring something new in the country.”- says Lobo, as he explains the idea behind the setting up of NDIT.

When asked upon what separates International Dance Theater from other forms of dance, Ashley Lobo responds by saying, “The movement style of this form of theater are very abstract. With most dance performances in India being hugely scaled with multiple highlights the international dance theater symbolizes minimalism, so just like modern art you also have modern dance.”

Producing theatrical productions is a costly affair so how does NDIT manage upon the return on investment? To this Ashley Lobo says- “The return on investment here is that we are carving a way for others to follow. Our main aim through Amaara is to go out and do dance better and bring the industry to a different level as far as Dance Theater is concerned.”

“In India currently most dancer performances rely on tricks and their main aim is wowing the audience rather than engaging them in dance. In the international world that is looked down upon, so we are trying to go to the international space and it’s a big experiment even for us as the Indian audience is used to being wowed. But through NDIT we aspire to bring in India an international dance form and to elevate the level of dance in the country.”- completes Lobo.

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