Artists must use social media to express and as an extension to their personality: Armaan Malik

Malik puts light on how Social Media is helping artists and creators.


Singer-songwriter Armaan Malik who has mesmerized audiences with his melodious voice stands as an inspiration for many aspiring musicians today. Malik talks about social media and how it has become a driver for the artist community… some excerpts…

Having won many awards like Filmfare, Mirchi Music Awards Awards and many recognitions for his most popular Bollywood songs like 'Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon' and 'Hero' Armaan malik hero to many aspiring youngsters Over the years his social media popularity has grown to leaps and bounds with twitter which has 932030 followers on twitter and 1.38 Million subscribers and still growing on Youtube.

Malik puts light on how Social Media is helping artists and creators said, “If we see a few years back people thought that social media was not even needed, but today it’s so much important not only as part of an artist’s life but also for the growth and promotion of one’s art and music, moreover, it helps to create a fan base. I think it’s the way you use it and if you are genuine with it, then it’s amazing.”

Talking about how successful are social media platforms to fuel revenue for artists Malik says, “The main revenue for artists comes from the live shows, while for some people revenue on social media comes from branded posts and product endorsements, but if you are doing social media only for that, I feel it’s not the correct way, because I think social media should be made as an expression and an extension to your personality and that’s how I use it.”

Talking about the trends on social media Armaan said, “There are no rules and you never know what is the next big thing happening on social media and you just need to do your thing and hopefully, if it clicks with the audience then you become the trend.”

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