An immersive exhibition on Golden Jubilee of IFFI is shortly to arrive in Goa

IFFI is a huge platform for new filmmakers, enthusiasts and potential cinematographers. This year the number of participants graced the advent with 1000 entries from over 100 countries.


On the glamourous advent of 50 years golden jubilee, IFFI has some plans – ‘avant-garde’. A multi-media exhibition is announced by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (NFAI) to offer an immersive experience to dignified international and domestic film enthusiasts, historians, media and public figures including students of all age groups.

It is a modern-day interactive and digital exhibition designed and executed by Tagbin – Experiential Innovators. The exhibition covers a total of 20,000 sq. ft. of the space at Darya Sangam, Near Kala Academy, Panaji Goa. Merriments of the exhibition are estimated to continue for 8 days from 21st November till 28th November 2019, kindling its inauguration on 21th November 2019.

Major highlights embracing the exhibition representing IFFI 50 years of success. IFFI is the first and biggest festival of Asia, started back in 1952. Since then the success of cinema is celebrated screening popular films from across the globe and from within India. This is one huge platform for new filmmakers, enthusiasts and potential cinematographers. This year the number of participants graced the advent with 1000 entries from over 100 countries.

New Installations Expected to Shape 50 Golden Years of IFFI in 2019

This interesting journey of IFFI is coming to whir the world using high-end technological engagements. Designed on the theme of ‘50 years of IFFI’ making visitors relive instances of its victory over the years.

The initial installation amaze us with a big façade wearing the projection mapping show. A promising reflection of cinema over the decades. This show takes us down the memory lane of 50 years of IFFI singing its anthem on a large scale canvas.

The show presents interesting genre of films as based on the motto of IFFI ‘One big family - Vasudhaiva kutumbh’. The world of film fantasy, adventure, dreams and much more. High-quality content, striking visuals and engaging narratives are systematically crafted. The face of Façade is transformed into custom-designs of film scenes.

Here, zoetrope is the center of attraction honoring countries of focus-IFFI. Its elegant and smooth performance remains unmatched. It is theoretically a cylindrical structure that creates motion with a rapid sequence of static images. This modern and slit cut installation is the show stopper of the exhibition, creating an illusion of film videos spinning altogether.

For the first time in history, zoetrope is clubbed with an installation of 360 degree-selfie camera inside its big room. Enter the zoetrope, stand in the center, make a movement-action or take a step, and get captured on ring cameras stay-put above its surface. All camera shots compiled into one gives a ‘Studio Bullet Time 360 ° version’. Choose your own theme of steps to enjoy the game.

The exhibition also witnesses eminent personalities of Indian cinema, their film journey, and experiences at IFFI. An incredible cycle of superstars– Rajnikanth, Amitabh, the originators of the film industry like- Dadasaheb Phalke and other popular celebrities is well-fashioned through interactive installations.

Wearing a sheath of digital components, the exhibition of IFFI 2019 depicts a joyful excursion for enthusiastic audiences. Find discretion of tech-work in the projection mapping show, zoetrope, LED screens, Touch Tables, Flibbooks and hologram installations. In fact, a miraculous range of human engagements like AR, VR and studio bullet times 360 degree-selfie camera are activities putting the show at buzz.

A heartfelt tribute is also paid to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary by recounting his contribution to the world of Indian and foreign cinema. An interactive wall projection is linked to the kiosk table to watch movies based on his life-experiences.

Keeping in mind the great initiative undertaken by the National Archives of India, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tagbin, Saurav Bhaik remarked “I was always amazed by movies. The way it takes us into another world. We at Tagbin are in business of creating magic through our innovative technologies like AR, VR, Immersive screens etc. Multimedia exhibition on “50 years of IFFI” is a perfect match for our technologies and I hope this exhibition will bring out the perfect blend of cinema and a new age of technology.”

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