An Indian App That Will Appeal To The World: Raj Kundra On JL Stream

Raj Kundra, Founder of JL Stream App speaks exclusively to BW Applause and Everything Experiential about his new venture.


The OTT and live streaming industry has seen the steadiest growth in the past year. Taking advantage of this favourable setting, businessman Raj Kundra has launched India’s first exclusively Indian live streaming, gaming and entertainment app - 'Jaldi Live' or JL Stream. 

Recognised by the Government of India's Startup India Initiative, the app has many cool features and is targeted at consumers across classes. Founder Raj Kundra speaks exclusively to BW Applause & Everything Experiential about his new venture.


You have a long-standing relationship with the entertainment industry. Was this the direct inspiration for JL Stream?

Yes, I believe so. During lockdown, I kept thinking about creating further opportunities for employment. I wanted celebrities to monetise their popularity and influencers to become their own brand ambassadors. Since content is the new oil, I knew I had to work in this space. Jaldi Live/JL Stream is an ideal platform for content to shine. It offers live streaming, social media promotions, gaming etc. all in one place.

When the government imposed a ban on Chinese apps, I saw it as an opportunity to develop our own social live streaming app. The entertainment industry has proven itself as recession-free. Hence, this is the best time to maximise on the growing demand for short format content in India.

Tell us about your vision for JL Stream?

JL stream is a platform for people to meet, chat, play games, showcase their talent and make money at the same time. At the moment, no major social platform allows the monetization of live streaming. We realised there is enormous potential in this space, as people will earn money simply by communicating with their fans. Our job is to promote streamers to widen their fan base and reach. Users can send virtual gifts to the streamers which can be cashed out via our payment gateway partner in over 100 countries worldwide. I hope that this becomes the first social media app made in India but used worldwide.

What are the unique offerings that set JL Stream apart from other live streaming services?

JL Stream offers viewers an opportunity to interact with their favourite celebrities and influencers for a longer duration. However, the real USP is the instant pay-out. No application has ever offered such a smooth transaction. We have retained short videos as introductions to help streamers be discovered. For entertainment, we have added features like social gaming with multiplayer options. The impressive feedback we have received reinstates my faith in this product.

How has the ‘Startup India’ recognition received by JL Stream helped in the growth of your brand?

Startup India recognises innovation and our app is innovative in many ways. It is a new way of communication through real-time live streaming and most importantly it is made in India. For us, the recognition is a great honour and we hope to take the dream of Digital India forward.

What have been the biggest challenges that JL Stream has faced so far?

Live streaming is a very tricky technology to implement, due to the lack of infrastructure and design. I have a great Chief Technology Officer and a technical team who have worked round the clock to make this possible. The Chinese app ban was a boon for Indian technology companies as it allowed us to showcase our Indian talent and apps.

What’s on the cards for the future? Are there any plans to expand or introduce new verticals?

We plan to introduce live streaming games, live video commerce and other fun features to keep our audience engaged. Live streaming is all about FOMO, so we keep providing something new. We hope to bring many verticals to the live streaming platform from shopping, video commerce to live concerts from across the world streaming directly into your phone. A multi-video option will be launched soon where users can engage in open forum discussions as well. We hope to make the app a one stop shop for everyone.

With the promise of wholesome entertainment, interaction and fun, JL Stream app seems one to watch for.

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