Ample Missiion reaching out to community during COVID-19

Ample Missiion is continuously seeking to develop a full force of people who have the streak to serve needy and helpless.


The ongoing lockdown, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, such as migrant laborers, waste pickers, construction workers, daily wagers and single mothers. These groups have lost the only source of their income due to the 21 days lockdown and have no means to make ends meet or provide food for their families.

As responsible social awareness organization, Ample Missiion have stepped up efforts to tackle the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation and the consequent socio-economic impact on the people from weaker sections of society. They are supporting such groups in the time of this Coroavirus pandemic by providing them with essential necessities for survival.

Since the 21-day nationwide shutdown came into effect, Ample Missiion began its humanitarian initiatives by reaching out to people irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. It is continuously seeking to develop a full force of such people who have the streak to serve needy and helpless.

Founder Aneel Kashi Murarka and Co-founder Sidhaant Murarka along with Team Ample Missiion, spearheaded the initiative at different levels both in terms of online awareness through their social media platforms with innovative content sharing on daily basis and also on ground, reaching out to the affected individuals and communities at large.

"It's our duty as responsible citizens to come forward and do our best for the nation in the hour of such great humanitarian crisis, under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, I'm confident together we Indians can defeat this Coronavirus threat" says Aneel Kashi Murarka.

Beginning with a distribution of free Masks to hundreds of commuters and essential wokers enroute to their duties, Team Ample Missiion also started distribution of Ready-to-Eat Meals packet at different city points to the homeless and daily wagers. Soon after the 21 days lockdowns was declared, they have now began community outreach program in different suburban slum pockets by identifying 100 plus needy families each day with the help of local support groups and providing them with monthly Dry Ration Kits with 9-10 essential items packed for each family’s daily use.  In addition Ample Missiion is also contributing toward purchasing of various essential medicines, sanitation kits and safety suits to medical teams active in rural districts of Maharashtra and other states, this is a collaborative effort with other medical NGOs (patronised by Ample Mission) who are involved in detecting community spread of Covid-19 and also treating Coronavirus positive cases in different village hospitals as medical volunteers.

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