Amidst the global Covid Crisis, The KariGhars take the Luxury Interior Design segment by storm

‘The KariGhars’, has led the COVID battle from the front & carved a niche for themselves in this domain.


Luxury encompasses all the elements of life that aren’t absolutely necessary but without which life is less charmed, less beautiful & not nearly as fun. A pioneer in the interior design segment, ‘The KariGhars’, has led the COVID battle from the front & carved a niche for themselves in this domain.

With a staggering YoY growth and CAGR of over 100% for ten consecutive years, they have propelled their way forward as the most rapidly-expanding luxury interior design firm in Bangalore. Even after a decade since their inception, they continue making waves across the design industry, constantly evolving with new innovations & ideas. In 2019, they inaugurated their state of the art experience center that further alleviated the experience of designing one's home.

Being a completely self-funded organization, they have revolutionized the field of Luxury Interior Design. ‘The KariGhars’ have an unmatched record of customer satisfaction & are credited with a mind-boggling record of delivering 3800+ Premium Luxury projects across the city of Bengaluru. However, the USP of ‘The KariGhars’ is that they maintain strict timelines for every step of the design process so that the client can shift into their home as planned. In 12 years they have maintained an incredible work ethic, never failing to deliver on time. They have an unbeatable track record of 99.8% ‘On-time deliveries’. In addition to that, they have never compromised on the quality aspect of their services & provide a Lifetime Warranty for all their commodities. With a strong command over understanding the palatial flavors that are in trend, ‘The KariGhars’ exponential growth is backed by its expertise for all things that interior designing requires. From layout, colors, lighting, material selection, custom furniture, and all installation, they are maestros that make home decoration a breeze. With the right blend of aesthetics and ergonomics for homes and kitchens, they deliver Interiors that reflect one’s style.

Founded in 2009 by the entrepreneur par excellence, Abhishek Chadha, they diligently work on the principle of minimalism– ‘Less is More’ & keep intricate details to a minimum, instead of incorporating popular materials. Their design philosophy revolves around the fluidity of contemporary interior design amalgamated with a touch of mid-century modern styles. Their consistent decade-long dominance in this niche of design is a consequence of their tremendous effort to serve luxury designs on a platter to their clients. Abhishek makes it a point to cater to even the minutest details involved in the process of design. He undertakes the journey with the client & makes sure they get a lavish experience along the way.

Their diligent endeavors have catapulted their growth as a firm & today, they have 250 plus people working behind the scenes to deliver quality luxury interiors. Being extremely selective about the people they work with, their attrition rate has been less than 1% percent in 12 years.

Sharing his views on the current scenario, where COVID-19 has impacted every industry possible, Abhishek is quite optimistic even amidst a worldwide economic crisis. While an estimated 130 million people in India are set to lose their jobs due to coronavirus, Abhishek feels this is the perfect time for interior designers and other firms like ours. We expect to grow our strength by 200% in the next 2-3 months. We see a real demand for luxury homes booming in the industry. People want to have well-designed interiors because our homes have become the most important parts of our lives. Staying at home has made people realize all the things that they need & we’re ready with all our might to serve luxury to all our clients.

Talking about the future aspirations he has from the company, Abhishek states that their sole ambition is having an unmatched client satisfaction record. Ahead of the post COVID world, The KariGhars are still on track for a 30% YoY growth for FY 2020-21. The firm is planning to increase its focus on expanding its physical presence with multiple experience centers across India. The aim is to keep marching forward!

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