Amazon Prime creates ‘talking metal detector’ for the launch of superhero show The Tick

Amazon Prime Video recently unveiled ‘Securi-Tick’ - a first-of-its-kind talking metal detector for the launch of its latest superhero show - The Tick in India.


Here’s how it works: every time a person passes through the big, blue, metal detector, the amount of metal they are carrying is analysed via sensors which are used by an algorithm to trigger a dialogue from the show, depending on the metal levels detected. The triggering of dialogues is also accompanied by movement of antennas, which is facilitated through the use of motors. Powered by Arduino micro-controllers, the entire unit was conceptualized and developed by Blink Digital, a full service digital agency in India.

Amazon Prime Video introduced ‘Securi-tick’ at the premiere of their show, organised at The View, Andheri in Mumbai and plans to roll it out across several theatres in Mumbai and other cities across India. The activation was supported with a Video,

Dooj Ramchandani, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Blink Digital commented, saying, “The Tick is a superhero that ‘saves the world’. He is also super goofy. We wanted to bring alive this unique combination by taking an object from our day-to-day that connotes security and combine it with Tick’s humour. The result: Securi-TICK - the big, blue bulletproof, talking metal detector.”

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