Adapting to the New Normal: Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations Pvt. Ltd

When we reimagine life through a new lens, a smorgasbord of renewed concepts will start to unfold writes Bhavnesh Sawhney.


The event industry is reeling with the impact of Covid-19. The experiential sector globally has come to a halt for the time being. Each event is an intricate and seamless integration of several key players in the supply chain, resulting in a “Domino Effect”. However, specialists have been quick to respond by creating a roadmap to navigate the repercussions of the situation. Governments have also stepped in to set forth regulations and strict norms that need to be adhered to whilst planning any event.

Nothing is quite as epic as the Olympics in terms of a global event. After the official postponing of the Olympics to 2021, many other globally and nationally held events of scale, have either been postponed or cancelled altogether. Closer to home, event planners are pulling out all the stops with every creative and functional idea to address the requisite changes that accompany any planned event or wedding.

With most weddings pushed to the latter half of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, to-be-weds can utilize this time during the nationwide lockdown to better plan their wedding once the virus threat eases down. For events which were pre-planned there may be government restrictions and approvals that need to be procured. Reorganizing and re-structuring of plans will be essential to ensure norms are met with and the event flows without any hiccups.

What are some of the changes that we can expect?

Expectedly, venues will become smaller in size and guestlists more intimate as the rule of social distancing is crucial to meet health and safety regulations. Every vendor will need to comply and re-invent according to the set of new rules to follow. It will become a standard procedure for venues to be equipped with all the necessary requirements as per Covid19 protocols and strict sanitization of people and materials involved will ensure that the function will proceed perfectly. People attending events and weddings will also need to be prepared for thermal scanning and other health measures.

A meticulous process to ensure maximum safety and sanitization will have to be enforced:

· A requisite to ensure that all the vendors follow the government provided guidelines

· Each vendor & guest to be temperature checked before entering the venues

· Mandatory to wear face masks and gloves, while working inside the venue

· All materials and décor to be sanitized before entering the venue

· One round of full sanitization of the venue after the décor is complete before the celebrations begin

· Control the number of people at the venue- A handful of vendors to be at the venue, guestlist will have to be curtailed to maximum of 50 people.

· Working in shifts for vendors to be mandatory

· A thorough sanitization to be undertaken at the time of dismantling the decor

Adapting to The New Normal

Events are a crucial aspect of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s a wedding, concert, exhibition, celebration, official conference or any other social meet up. The industry will not crumble, it will adapt. We can look forward to going back to events, but they’re going to look different. Event planners are in the process of ensuring Covid-19 compliances are met with and this will give way to safe and enjoyable soirees.

Every challenge presents an opportunity and we have learned to reorient our approach to experiences and events. The ‘New Normal’ for celebrating weddings is going to be different but also delightful. With social distancing becoming a way of life, weddings will be intimate, they will masterfully follow hygiene measures and try to ensure maximum contactless services.

We also expect technology to become a major player going forward. Digital in terms of social media, online videos, online hosting of events and meetings and much more have become the cornerstone of our success in adapting to new ways of socializing, working and living.

There are no best practices or set of checkmarks which are in place as guidelines for the future. The entire global community is coping with changes and new ways to approach life as we knew it. With collaborative efforts of all involved, events and experiences are getting a makeover. What matters is our ability to adapt to change. When we reimagine life through a new lens, a smorgasbord of renewed concepts will start to unfold.

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