Activations in the time of Covid: Kumar Naveen, Experiential Specialist, Vibgyor Brand Services

The idea is to create memorable experiences that will engage, delight and excite even from a distance writes Kumar Naveen.


We are all aware of the unprecedented times the world is facing due to the COVID 19 outbreak. With so many other businesses, our Industry too has been hit hard. These corona times will bring a huge mindset change among the people which will affect the way we work. Our traditional ways of doing Activations & Promotions will surely have to evolve keeping in mind factors such as Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene & Safety Standards. 

As an experiential agency we recognised some major challenges that the brands will end up facing as a result of COVID 19 

~ Consumers will avoid close interaction with store staff/ promoter and maintain a safe distance 

~ Low footfall at stores since consumers will be using e platforms to order essential items 

~ Use Ewallet to make payments or any transactions 

~ Consumer will be hygiene conscious 

~ Consumer will avoid any public gathering 

Even though it might seem superficially mercantile to discuss brands, pricing and customer behaviour as we stare down the barrel of a pandemic but the practical reality of global economic trade means that we need to figure out newer and evolved ways to keep running our businesses. 

Once social distancing restrictions ease, with an acceptable amount of risk, marketers will have the opportunity to get back to the roots of experiential by utilizing proven tactics with end goal remains the same – creating memorable interactions that effectively spread brand awareness, encourage trial and facilitate dialogue with current and prospective customers. 

Keeping up with the new normal of social distancing, Vibgyor is all set to introduce its latest addition to its services - ACTIVATIONS IN THE TIME OF COVID. 

With a deep study of the current market scenario, the predicted future and the change in mindsets of people we curated a series of activation plans and services specially designed to enable brands to conduct activations during and post corona times. 

The idea is to create memorable experiences that will engage, delight and excite even from a distance. I believe that this is a huge contribution in the space of experiential marketing and is going to help multiple brands to reach out to its audience in a safer manner.

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