Action for Autism organizes jamboree, art exhibition and flash mob


The National Centre for Autism in the capital, organized an Autism Awareness Jamboree (AAJ) on 2 April 2015 to step up awareness of the mental disorder that already impacts 15 million in India. One of the attractions of AAJ was an Art Carnival at the India Habitat Centre attended by over 150 children from various schools across Delhi.

Autism is a brain disorder that causes a lifelong development disability, primarily affecting the communication and social abilities of people. Due to sensory defensiveness, people with autism perceive the world differently and therefore communicate and react differently. It is recognized as the most common developmental disability, and studies in Asia, Europe, and North America place current prevalence levels at around 1 in 68. It is estimated that India has a population of 15 million individuals with autism. Five times as many boys have autism as girls.

The autism community across India will be celebrating Autism Awareness Month throughout April. As part of this, Action For Autism, the non-profit organization, which runs the National Centre has planned a series of activities apart from the jamboree, including an art exhibition at IHC, Delhi on the 9th and a Flashmob performance at Select City Walk on the 19th.

AFA, along with supporting NGOs, will also be joining the global autism community in the campaign called Light It Up Blue, in which iconic landmarks around will turn their lights blue to create awareness. This year, the Pyramids in Egypt, Niagara Falls in Canada, Trafalgar Square in London and the iconic Pearl Tower in Shanghai will be among the 60 landmarks to light up in blue.

In India, cities and towns such as Dehradun, Chennai and Hyderabad will light up some of their prominent buildings, like the clock tower in Dehradun. In Delhi, the Hyatt Regency hotel and Select City Walk mall too will turn blue in support of the cause.

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