ALMOND VirtEx launches a fully customizable virtual event and experience platform built to engage the online audience and deliver ROI

Almond VirtEx recreates offline events, exhibitions, training programs online, with video-streaming, dynamic branding, sponsor/exhibitor engagement, gamification and video-networking.


ALMOND, an ATechnos venture, today announced the launch of ALMOND VirtEx, a fully customizable virtual experience platform that takes the offline to online. Acknowledging the lack of physical, face-to-face interaction, ALMOND VirtEx leverages cutting-edge technology and interactivity to equip brands and event organizers to build engagement-driven programs & initiatives.

In the wake of the pandemic caused by the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19, the events industry has been one of the worst hits, with a projected loss amounting to USD 1 trillion, across the globe. While most events are being cancelled and others indefinitely postponed, a long road to recovery lies ahead for the sector. These landmark challenges have fostered a newfound entrepreneurial spirit in the country, with new and tech-enabled players like ALMOND leveraging the best of technology to mitigate the challenges and help the sector stay afloat.

As one amongst the leading digital transformation companies, ALMOND has been leading from the front in creating a robust tech-backed infrastructure to empower physical engagements online. After flawlessly executing several virtual events including the mammoth musical concert - Sangeet Setu for PM Cares Fund, ALMOND has developed VirtEx - an ever-evolving virtual engagement platform, keeping in mind that there’s a vast difference between turning a physical experience into digital and creating a digital-first event experience.

The platform unlocks the real potential of everything that is possible with online events, right from live and pre-recorded feeds, branding and networking opportunities, gamification for enhanced engagement, integration of e-payments & e-gratifications and more. In addition to recreating large-scale offline experiences online, the platform leverages the power of data and AI to give event organizers and sponsors deep insights into each and every snippet of the program, helping them understand and enhance the ROI.

Most importantly, while the platform comprises a depth of engagement features, it is fully customizable, empowering brands and event organizers to be creative and utilize the depth of their imagination to co-create a unique, unparalleled experience for their audiences.

Commenting on the launch of the platform, Abhinav Jain, CEO – Almond, said – We have worked with veteran experiential marketers and technologists to create a user experience that truly bridges the gap between offline and online. While the platform is ready, we only take it as 75% of the work. The rest 25% depends on the imagination of our clients to customize the power-packed platform to best meet the unique tastes and preferences of their audience. This collaborative creation of the final product helps the client create something that’s truly immersive. Beyond anything else, it appeals to the digital-natives and makes them want to be a part of an online experience that feels refreshing and engaging instead of repetitive, passive, and done-to-death webinars.

Further commenting on the launch, Apurv Modi, Co-Founder and MD, ALMOND, said, “The post-COVID-19 world is going to be way different from the world that we have known for all this while. The global pandemic calls for complete overhauls in our approach and systems. To the same end, the launch of ALMOND VirtEx is the harbinger of this futuristic change. Leveraging top-of-the-line technologies, the platform is highly effective, scalable, and can be customized for diversified business needs. With a strong tech suite, we look forward to collaborating with ambitious businesses in India and across the globe and together creating the future of events and immersive experiences.”

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