A virtual photoshoot, invite only guestlist and a memorable ceremony with Wedstreamers

Wedstreamers aims to aid you in sharing your special day together with your loved ones.


When we toasted champagne glasses on the eve of 2020, no one knew what was in store for us. Video calls replaced friendly hugs, working in your pyjamas replaced dressing up for work and social distancing replaced family functions. All the to-be brides and grooms roamed about dull and gloom, not knowing what was going to happen next. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, every wedding has a new normal too that we’ve all started adapting to.

With a massive shift in trend towards inside home experiences, here to make your wedding and related events simple, affordable, interactive and fun while ensuring a 100% attendance on your wedding day, quite virtually is Mumbai’s specialized agency - Wedstreamers! With their advanced, multiple format live streaming offering for weddings that allows you to customize your setup and feed, broadcast your wedding to your select attendees and interact real-time with your guests, Wedstreamers aims to aid you in sharing your special day together with your loved ones!

A subsidiary of ADSTO Live, Westreamers is perfectly apt for anyone looking to host weddings and celebrate the union of two families with anyone from across the world. From facilitating a single way feed with a host / emcee hosting the virtual wedding to a broadcast level show, creating a room for your friends to raise live virtual toasts, deputing a dedicated director and on location videographers equipped with professional video and audio, Wedstreamers’ is the one stop solution to everything you need to stream your wedding online!

The team combines many years of broadcast experience with the latest professional streaming technology and advanced equipment to ensure reliable, secure and high-quality broadcasting from just about any location worldwide. Their premium service includes ability to restrict feed only to your guest list, advanced HD cameras and audio to enable a dynamic broadcast, on site streaming gear, unmanned action and broadcast camera, a custom broadcast webpage and full HD stream with unlimited and controlled viewer access. A step above from the temporary zoomification solutions, Wedstreamers’ end to end, seamless and an intimate virtual experience will certify that you enjoy your day to the fullest and can not only stream it live but also see it later and share with everyone as a momentous reminder of your celebration, almost like an aftermovie of your own festival!

Commenting on this, Director, Shivanand Lalwani said, “Wedstreamers was born as a result of on the feet thinking and a motive to turn nightmares into blessings for to-be married couples in the times of Coronavirus and beyond. While streaming has only just set foot in India, we definitely see an opportunity for people to leverage technology and creativity and elevate small / home weddings in innovative ways. Our aim is to not only provide customized solutions and bring just the right size of crew to your occasion but also craft drama and emotion such that the bride and groom become the star of a live production, and physical and virtual guests alike feel like cast members of an exciting special event. We believe you don’t have to give up the elegance, fun and love just because it’s online.”

All you to be married happy couples! It’s time to stop hesitating and go ahead with all your wedding plans and then some with Wedstreamers and be rest assured that your wedding will be the talk of the town, lockdown or not.

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