A simple checklist to kickoff your events business to a running start

The key to running a successful business is keeping a pipeline full of prospects and always being as creative as you can with your ideas. Listed are a few basic steps that will help build an identity for your brand and build a strong base foundation for your business:



For most brands, networking is at the top of the list in terms of developing a strong client base. Networking will help you connect with positive prospects, increase your brand credibility and is a great way you market your brand. 

Networking can help your business in two ways. If people have met you and know what services you offer, they may refer business to you or use your become your potential clients in the future. 


Advertising is one of the most primal methods of reaching out to your target audience. 

It ranges from print ads to articles, advertising on Yellow pages, glossy advertisements on national publications. Each of these prints have a huge potential of building the forefront face of your business. 

Most business analysts agree that an advertisement on print or online publication makes good business sense. A line advertisement, simply listing your business name or getting a full page advertisement might work wonders for your business. Also opting for a display advertisement -- the bigger, bordered ads in the Yellow Pages or a national magazine can optimize your chances of being known in the market.

An ad in a regional magazine might be a good tool for reaching upscale consumers. A regional business magazine ad would also reach prospective corporate clients.

Business cards

Don’t underestimate the power of this small but mighty marketing tool. Even in the computer age, a succinct, professionally printed business card is still critical.

Include the name of your business, contact information (e-mail, phone and website address, for instance), your name, specialization, your logo, and some testimonials from past clients. Always carry business cards. You never know when you'll run into a potential client. Ask vendors with whom you work (marketing heads, sales executives, entrepreneurs for instance) if you can leave a stack of business cards in their places of business.

Informative brochures and website

Like your business card, a well-designed, professional brochure can help cement your image as a professional. Prospective clients will make judgments about your company based on your brochure, so make sure it's conceived and produced at the highest level possible.

Maximize your chances of success by making sure your company brochure matches the type of business you have. All materials should look professional, but if you are marketing to a budget-conscious group, a too-glamorous brochure can send the wrong message—and send potential budget-conscious clients running in the opposite direction.

Direct mail 

You may choose to distribute your brochure via direct mail. If you do, make sure your mailing list is well chosen. 

Customer service

One of the best ways to keep customers satisfied and coming back is to be constantly on the lookout for new ideas and ways to improve the service you provide. It also builds a good reputation for you if you stay connected to your clients and take their feedbacks very seriously. 

Social Media

Facebook is geared toward communicating with your network of friends but it can also be sparingly used for promoting your business. Postings to your Facebook wall might include some fun tid-bits you learned or just sharing your previous work. It is a great cost-free platform that lets you connect with thousands of people with a click or a status and it also helps you surf and get to know your potential competitors. 

With Twitter, you can tweet quick messages to your subscribers to remind them about your business. As your Facebook and Twitter audiences grow, stay creative. Invent new ways to engage your audience and encourage them to invite their friends. Continue to avoid hard sales pitches. People don't forward commercial

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