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The Kingfisher Premium Great Indian Octoberfest (TGIOF) in its 10th year gears up for a Tech-tonic dose of fun. Beer and music are the staples of the TGIOF but hi-tech is another arena where visitors to the festival will be completely wowed.

For the first time Drones will be doling out beer. That’s right –beer cans dropping from the sky! In specially designated areas of the festival, remotely controlled flying devices will hover in the air and drop cans of beer at the command of the Beer Control Centre. So when you tell your friends that it was raining beer, it would be totally true and not just the beer talking.

For the first time ever Octoberfest will witness the much talked about Oculus Rift in action at  KFBeerCoaster. Visitors get to sit on motion chairs in a virtual reality booth. The visitors are taken for a roller coaster ride in a virtual reality environment. As the visitors go through the thrilling experience, pulse meters capping their fingers keep track of their pulse rate. This pulse meter sends a signal to a beer dispenser attached to the motion chairs.

The Headbang Arena, a big hit from last year, is back! This time it is only bigger and better. It is now in a competitive 2-player face-off format. Two visitors, competing against each other, are strapped with the sensors which record their headbanging. The count is displayed LIVE on screens as the audience cheers. A bulb representing the competitor with the highest score lights up and the beer dispenser will dole out beer.


The old-time fairground photo booth just got a makeover. It is now a ‘dynamic moving images booth’. These booths are installed across the venue and visitors can capture their static photographs which will then be converted into dynamic moving images. Once they have captured their photographs at the booth, it will automatically be uploaded on social media and tagged. So don’t waste time taking selfies, Kingfisher will do it for you.

Kingfisher’s team have been working tirelessly to ensure that fans are able to experience the festival in every form – and share their experiences in real time. A crew of photographers will take photographs required for Instagram in specific formats. At the end of the festival, the photos are stitchedtogether to make an Instagram film.

Tapping into the popularity of shorter format of videos, Kingfisher has tied up with a film production crew that will be capturing 6 second capsules of The Great Indian OctoberFest and will be uploading it as Vine Videos for online audiences over the three days of the festival.

The 2014 TKGIOF recap movie will be released on social platforms showcasing the mood of the Octoberfest.

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