A&M Studio curates it’s first Digital Concert to celebrate four Indian festivals and support a charitable cause

Over 30 artists from 3 countries participate in the 3-day concert.


With the COVID pandemic affecting the livelihood of many. A&M Studio conceptualized and launched its unique initiative of a 3 day digital concert from 13h to 15th April 2020. Normally, this is the festive period where most states in the country celebrate Easter, Vaisakhi, Poila Boishak and Pongal and Vishu. But in these difficult days, when the world is reeling with pandemic and isolation, A&M Studio has brought forward and interesting proposition to spread some cheer and joy. The event is promoted by Fever 104, where the RJ’s will open and close the show and also mention about the concert through the day. 

To chase away the blues and uplift everyone during this unprecedented crisis, A&M Studio connected 30+ amazing singers from across the world on A&M Studio’s facebook page, where each represented their culture and sang some regional and more popular and generic songs and entertain the audience for over 8 hrs each day, from their respective homes. The singers and their families were dressed in their traditional attire. These will be live performances in a form of a digital concert. 

A&M Studio is also proud and pleased to announce that our Fusion Festival which is coming up on Facebook Live while be held for a CAUSE with the help of our Charity Partner, @ChilHelpFoundation (CHF). A cause that needs YOU, just like we all need artists in our lives during the Lockdown to keep us smiling and strong! The good folk at CHF are doing some fantastic work on the ground, feeding the poor and lesser-privileged across the country through generous donations from people like you and me, who believe in standing together for fellow-Indians during these challenging times. 

FB Live Link: CHF


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