6 leading event planners recommend 6 affordable entertainers

The country’s leading event planners recommend their preferred entertainment acts that have been consistently reliable and, most importantly, do not break the bank!


Now that the effects of demonetization have started setting in, one clear observation is that artists and entertainers who wore a heavy price tag are suddenly left with cancelled event bookings and fewer contracts. While luxury segment artists lament, time seems to be ripe for budget-category artists as ‘affordable’ becomes the new buzzword. We spoke to six leading event planners that shared their favorite bang-for-the-buck acts.

Sujit Gupta, Flutist

Recommended by Chetan Vohra, Director, Line Communications

“Sujit Gupta is a young flutist who we came across. His ability to mesmerize audiences large and small remains unparalleled. I have confidently sent him to play for some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment and he’s got standing ovations every time.”

Purva Mantri, Singer

Recommended by Amit Gupta, Director, Story

“Purva is a versatile and action-packed performer. We noticed her video online and immediately offered her a performance. The same client has already asked for her several times, we have even taken her for international shows. A highly energetic and truly dependable performer.”

Ambili Menon, Singer & Performer

Recommended by Raghav Roy Kapur, Director, Livewire Events

“Ambili is a total powerhouse performer and a complete value package. If I had to pick one artist from the many I’ve worked with it would have to be her.”

Sachin- Jigar, Musical duo

Recommended by Kantil Mehta, Director, Go Bananas

“When it comes to innovative packaging and soulful renditions with an earthy yet international feel, Sachin- Jigar stand out completely. Not only are they excellent composers and have great audience connect but they can entertain any audience in the most cost effective budget possible”

Shadab Faridi, Singer

Recommended by Rajiv Jain, Director, Rashi Entertainment

“Shadab Faridi is the super-est value for money out there. He is a great entertainer and a humble artist. My go-to guy!”

Raghu Dixit, Singer

Recommended by Thanush Joseph, Director, 70EMG

“Personally I love indie acts but from a client and practical perspective indie bands don’t always work. Raghu’s contemporary folk tunes have always been well received, so if I have to cast one vote it belongs to him.”

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