5 ways to marry technology to your wedding

With the evolution of time, party enthusiasts have not only heightened experimentation with venues and decorations but also with the use of technologies. Below are five great ways of engaging wedding attendees at your event with the use of technology.


Smartphone Charging Stations

With mobile phones being our favorite hand-candy, batteries getting drained at a wedding event within few hours is a normal phenomenon. Whether we wish to take photos, shoot videos or update our social media handles with event feeds, mobile handsets are our one go to gadget and keeping it charged becomes all the more crucial in a wedding ceremony. Thus, implanting a Smartphone Charging Station at a wedding is going to get the couple even more blessings from guests.  

Robot Bartender

While witnessing a huge crowd near the bar area waiting for the bartender to make your favorite drink is a regular sight during wedding occasions, an innovation in tech with Robot Bartenders has made the situation far more controllable than before. Easy to use, Robot Bartender technology has received attention from a lot of event planners before who like to plan their events high-tech way.

GIF Photo Booth

A GIF is a series of photos that are captured quickly, mashed together, played forward and backward, looped and then shared straight to your social media handles. With an increasing fad of GIFS, introducing a GIF Photo Booth to your event will provide your attendees with an experience they are longing for. The GIF Booth can be booked as a whole or as an add-on to your regular photo booth.

3D Printing

From 3D printed wedding rings to a 3D printed wedding cake, technology has come a long way. This tech has been adopted by many event planners because the possibilities are immense. Every element can be designed keeping the theme of the wedding in mind and then simply- 3D printed. Be it party favours, decorations, personalised placards or decorative hangings, 3D printing can lend a beautifully thematic and highly personalised experience.

Intelligent Photography

If your client expects their wedding videos to set some serious standards, then a Drone or GoPro Camera is the answer for you. With a desire to film each of the special moments the bride and the groom share together on their wedding day, drones have brought an edge over normal cameras for capturing moments beyond ones view. GoPro cameras too have broken their confines from sports enthusiasts and are used extensively at weddings to create some remarkable memories.

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