5 ways to make sponsors happy before & after the event


Gone are the days when merely the announcement of brand name by emcee and logos being present on marketing collateral was enough to make event sponsors happy. Today not only do sponsors want the value for money they invested into the event but also they are looking for a higher level of engagement with their target audiences through it.

Those event managers who do not deliver on the above guidelines end up with an unhappy sponsor, who next time opts to go with another event agency, for all its further event requirements. So if you are thinking what you can do to make your event sponsor happy? Well, we have the answer decoded for you as we share 5 incredible ways to make sponsors happy, before and after the event.

1-Establish personal relationships and understand their requirement

It is always better to work with a friend than with an unhappy boss. Similarly, making event sponsor your friends can help you a lot in understanding his requirements from the event and deliver on it.

Know your event sponsor on a personal level and get down on the basics of the event, streamline and discuss each and every aspect beforehand. Try to make these meetings as informal as possible so that an event sponsors opens up to discussing his ideas with you rather than ordering you to execute them.

Even if there are a few glitches during the event execution, there is always the friendship that will be developed which will make your sponsor stick around.

2-Engage the audiences by integrating sponsors brand

Even a sponsor has to meet his targets at the end of the day and hence to make sure that your event sponsor is happy with the event, engagement with the audiences for his brand has to be an integral quotient while you design the event.

Interestingly, this engagement has to be more evolved and should not seem thrust upon the event attendees.

Trying to use the sponsors brand to elevate the fun element of your overall event is the best strategy to adopt here. Through this not only will the sponsor have a big smile on his face but with a happy and engaged audience event managers too can have a sign of relief.

3-Deliver more than promised

It is fairly obvious that event sponsors are money minded people and expect you to deliver in more ways than one. However, a guaranteed way to make sure they are happy is to deliver a positive surprise to them on the day of the event.

You can perhaps give your event sponsor perks like better seating arrangements to his special guests, or special gift vouchers, or anything that lifts up their spirits even before the event has started. This initiative is a sure shot way to make execution of your event smoother as there will be no grumpy sponsor to obstruct you with complains.

4-Facilitate networking

Another way to integrate sponsors into events is by making them network with a lot of people which facilitates them to grow their business. This is an added element into your event which will make sure your organizer sticks with you for a long time for all his event needs.

Networking opportunities also add up to the engagement quotient of your event.

5-Provide post-event analysis metrics

Most event managers think that there work ends with the event being over but not all of them realize that providing a post-event analysis to your sponsors of what transpired during the event will help them immensely in the long run.

This little move on a planner’s part can help them in showing their dedication to an event sponsor and also help them improve with each and every event they execute. These are hardcore numbers such as engagement quotient of the event, savings made throughout the event, what could be elevated the event, the negatives of the event and others.

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