5 ways UberXL takes the stress out of group travel

Managing groups can be stressful whether you’re dealing with bulk reservations at a hotel, or simply trying to coordinate multiple cars for your group at the same time (or — simply trying to ensure that everyone is ready on time)! In order to make this process as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible, you can now request affordable SUVs that seat up to 6 people together.


Here are just a few reasons why uberXL is the ideal way to get around, if you are out and about exploring a new part of the city.

Eliminate the wait

Nothing says hassle-free like having a car waiting when you arrive. With Uber, it’s simple to get a car at the tap of a button. You can say goodbye to waiting in line to fill up the tank or leave a car with a valet.

More time to see the sights

When you’re out exploring the city with family or friends, why not enjoy every minute of it? By riding with uberXL, you maximize your sight-seeing time. Instead of keeping your eyes on the road, you can soak in the sights around you. 

No parking? No problem!

Parking is a hassle…period! Uber riders never have to worry about looking for available spots, paying steep overnight pricing costs at hotels and attractions, or keeping track of valet tickets. By eliminating the costs and worries associated with parking, you will find more time to spend on what outings are meant for: relaxing.

Quality time with those who count

Riding with uberXL means all 6 of you ride together in one single SUV – people will, therefore, have more time to spend with their friends and family.

Be Spontaneous

With Uber, there’s no need to plan weeks, days, or even hours in advance. When you need a ride, simply open the app and request it. You can plan the logistics last-minute without worrying about transportation. And, the spontaneity can continue once you’re at your destination: just request and go!

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