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Be it a locally organized film festival or an edition held globally, every film festival witnesses a confluence of the most creative minds, outputs and cinematic genius at one platform.

Hence, over the years the emergence of numerous concepts pertaining to film festivals have not only challenged the film making abilities of filmmakers but have also been instrumental in the promotion of various genres of cinemas. This time at EE, we list down 5 unique film festivals across the globe.

1-Incredibly Strange Film Festival (New Zealand)

As the name itself suggests the Incredibly Strange Film Festival features bizarre flicks that would otherwise never see the light of day. The festival held every year in New Zealand has successfully completed 17 years, and has screened “greatest collection of cult films ever”. From genres ranging from horror and fiction to something completely bizarre, the festival is open to entrees from all around the world.

2-Fake Film Festival (Canada)

Virgin Radio Vancouver regularly holds the Fake Film Festival, where developing directors ham up their own parodies of movies for a 60-second submissions. The entries received at the film festival are judged on their ability to entertain and recapture the essence of the original movie, a process known as "sweding." With the last edition of the festival featuring impressions of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Juno,” “Bridesmaids” and “Salt.” This one is a must attend for all movie buffs.

3- Cinema in the Cemetery (Australia)

As the name suggests the audience of this film festival does not only include the corpses. The Cinema in the cemetery film festival aims to signify that motion pictures are alive and well even in the deadest of locations. St John’s Cemetery, Australia that hosts the festival annually screens a diverse range of classics ranging from Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “Rear Window” to 1980s cult classic “Ghostbusters.”

4-Bring Your Own Film Festival (India)

This one displays sheer laziness on the part of festival organizers. The film festival neither has a selection process, nor does it feature a deadline as to which the movies have to be submitted by the applicant. The festival follows a simple concept, if you have a film made, then have it showcased. This east-coast Indian festival has the noble ethos of removing standard film festival hierarchies, competition, juries and laurels.By inviting all comers to showcase their work; it supports a vibrant grassroots community of film enthusiasts.

5- International Moustache Film Festival (United States)

If there was a list of the most bizarre film festivals, The International Moustache Film Festival would surely top the list. To participate in the film festival, your film must contain a mustache-related theme, or a key cast member must be “mustachioed”. Another interesting element of the festival is the prize categories that range from Best ‘Stache Growth Story, Best ‘Stache Shaving Story, Best Moustache Death Relationship Story and Best Collection of Moustaches in One Film.

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