5 tips for perfectly hosting a summit by Bhavana Bhatia

Everyone feels an emcee's role is just about reading introductions of speakers in the conferences but its way beyond that says emcee Bhavana Bhatia.


After having hosted over 1000 Summits, Conferences and Conclaves across the world in 10 + Years , I have garnered just the right skill set required by an emcee,  presenter and host to conduct a flawless event for a client .

Everyone feels an emcee's role is just about reading introductions of speakers in the conferences. Well personally I feel it is just one crucial aspect amongst the array of work an emcee has to do in executing the event.

First- As an emcee first up it is very integral to get across the right pronunciations and diction of the esteemed speakers and panelists who have taken out time to enlighten the audience on the covered theme of the event. They all have huge experiences and have worked a lot to get across the stage to share their experiences, so the minimum an emcee can do is get the pronunciation, diction, profile and designation right.

Tip by Bhavana Bhatia: What I personally do is ensure I meet all the panelists, speakers and moderators across the table before introducing them. Also I take keen interest with my event partners in the drafting process of the event in these basic yet very integral details on stage.

Second-- It is very important to ensure the profiles of the speakers and panelists's introductions are well updated. An emcee has to take the efforts of reframing the introduction - ensuring the key points are covered. It’s definitely a plus point if you have interest in writing and you are an avid reader as you can personally take keen interest in drafting the introduction.

Tip by Bhavana Bhatia - Ensure you check across the speakers bio online through various social channels for apt information . A introduction can only be said by heart when you know virtually about the speaker than just reading some cue cards or a piece of information. And honestly over the years many speakers across various summits are known to you, so their introduction is known after a while

Third- Maintaining the time integrity in the entire event is very crucial. If the emcee is not proactive in maintaining the time across various sessions and discussions, then the entire summit has a trickle effect of the delay and that is not acceptable in this space of events. A lot of companies have paid and taken a day off to listen to the best in the industry, so yes maintaining the time in various sessions is extremely crucial. Also you don't want event attendees to bridge through the breaks, neither do you want the next set of speakers to be waiting nor do you want to be between the cocktails and the summit when the event is heading towards a closure.

Tip by Bhavana Bhatia- There is usually a screen with the time clock in every summit so I personally make the individual speakers aware of that and in case of the panel discussion - I ensure the moderator is aware on that. Also I have passed along some chits or a signal in the most courteous manner in case the speakers or panelists bypass the time limit.

Fourth-I personally take efforts in creating the first draft of the script for my conferences. If the emcee steps in and takes initiatives in that, it truly sets the event rolling in collaboration with the content head of the conference producer. The final say has to be the conference producer content head as he/she truly know what needs to be spoken on stage and also maintain one point of contact in every event.

Tip by Bhavana Bhatia- Ensure you know the content head of the conference and be in sync from the time you sign the contract to the very thank you note bringing the end to the event. If working for the first time ensure you meet the team if time, and distances don't allow, I would encourage a conference call or a skype call to be initiated between the team and the emcee.

Fifth- An emcee has to ensure there is energy maintained throughout the event. Usually one would see thinning of the audience count post lunch so here the emcee's role is very crucial ensuring that she the audience count is maintained throughout and also the audience is kept engaged through social media hashtags and tags.

Tip from Bhavana Bhatia - I ensure I give a sneak peak as to what is coming up post the break. Laying a foundation to the next speaker or panel is extremely crucial part for an emcee.

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