5 safety protocols that hospitality players are implementing for safer events

With the event industry set for a comeback, here are some ways in which top hotels are providing safer experience to their clients.


Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the hospitality industry like never before. The world of Hospitality, post-Covid, is expected to go through a paradigm shift as it braces to deal with this pandemic.

As we know, safety has become a top priority and contactless hospitality services are here to stay. It is critical for the properties to bring in more stringent levels of health & safety standards and to reassure their guests that they will have a safe stay.

With the event industry set for a comeback, here are some ways in which top hotels are providing safe experience to their clients:

Big Focus on Hygiene and sanitisation

Just as your kitchen at home is constantly cleaned and sanitized, all restaurants and hotels are stepping up with their kitchens too. Cleaning and sanitization is a key priority at all premium hotels and restaurants when it comes to high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, escalator handrails, restrooms.

Contactless Experience

Hotels are rolling out different ways to enable contactless check ins for their guests. At Trident Hotels, a sanitised iPad with a stylus is used for in-room check-in experience. The iPad is then sanitised after every use.

Frequent Temperature Checks

Most premium hotels across the country conduct temperature checks of their staff and guests upon arrival.

Social Distancing

Social distancing and hand hygiene top the list of safety protocols for all premium hotels across the country. The Hyatt hotels are placing reminders on hand washing techniques for their guests and providing sanitizing wipes and ensuring social distancing is recommended in the public areas including elevators. 

Food Safety Protocols

Precautionary measures for food preparation are in place at most premium hotels, as are hygiene protocols.

As hotels and guests adjust to the new normal, kitchen spaces are being transformed for all practical purposes.

From freeing up extra areas to ensuring clutter-free floor areas to enhance mobility and social distancing, there are several aspects to revisit regarding kitchen spaces.

Across the country, several new initiatives are being rolled out to ensure that guests at hotels are taken care of in sync with the best safety protocols.

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