5 highlights of the Tata Steel Women of Mettle event at Jamshedpur: Swati Sharma

This program is a part of the MOSAIC initiative – a mission to boost diversity and inclusion by TATA steel leading to improved gender diversity in the workforce.


TATA is a group that breathes lives and reflects Indian values. There is no aspect of an Indian’s life that is untouched by TATA products. TATA STEEL JAMSHEDPUR has been specially known for their inclusive efforts of social integration.

One such very empowering programme was recently conducted by the team to encourage more female participation in the technical field, known as WOMEN OF METTLE.

As I got roped in to host the event by TATA team I got to observe the following. Here are some key points to sum up the event.


Starting in 2017. WOMEN OF METTLE is a contest based selection process where first 50 female participants are picked from top IITs and NITs. They are assigned a problem statement and a mentor from the company’s side with the help of whom the participants had to create a 10 minute presentation of a solution.

10 participants are shortlisted for the final and each of them present their solution power point in front of the judges and an audience including TATA team, other participants and some visiting friends and family.


Mostly 2nd year students. Young confident and driven girls who represented various domains such as – civil, technology, metallurgy, electronics, mining, mechanical and environment. Travelling from cities and remote areas each of these participants showcased a very confident presentations, and impressed judges and mentors with their creativity.


Based on merit around a dozen were rewarded with a gift and a PPI – pre placement interview letter , 20 participants received a gift with a paid internship at TATA , and the 10 finalist got a PPO – pre placement offer letter and a 2 lakh scholarship.

All were handed certificates and top 3 received trophies.


Chief group HR Miss Atrayee Sanyal was present throughout. Some mentors were also attending to assist the Judges during Q n A sessions. Judges were Mr Sanjay Paul – Vice President – Safety Health & Sustainability , and Mr. Avneesh Gupta – Vice President - Shared services , TATA STEEL Ltd.


This program is a part of the MOSAIC initiative – a mission to boost diversity and inclusion by TATA steel leading to improved gender diversity in the workforce. TATA steel has always taken the lead in implementing gender friendly policies like, menstrual leave, paternal leave and adoption leave etc. to create a sustainable balance for female employees.

In the eyes of those young kids one could see the brightness that lies ahead of them, the brightness of hopes and dreams seeming in arms reach. With such programs TATA STEEL truly justifies its tagline of – WE ALSO BUILD FUTURE.

As an emcee of the event it was a privilege for me to see these young lives being shaped into WOMEN OF METTLE.

The management was flawlessly executed with the help of TEAM WIZCRAFT – Manvi, Saif , Sahaj , Affan and Kyur.

Yet another fulfilling day at work wrapped. Off to the next stage.

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