5 great uses of technology at weddings


A wedding is undoubtedly the most beautiful and important moment in the life of a couple. However, only the people working in the wedding organizing industry know what it takes to organize the biggest event in the life of an individual. Planning a wedding is a daunting challenge and every time you start to organize a wedding, you want to come up with new concepts and ideas to not only make the entire process easier but also memorable for the couple. Technology is an integral part of every wedding and most arrangements of the ceremony heavily depend upon it. This time at EE we share with you 5 ways to make great use of technology while organizing a wedding.

1-      Planning

Wedding planning from the get go is a tiring and chaotic process. With new changes and decisions being made every moment, it often becomes hard to catch up with the latest developments pertaining to the preparations. Technology can help a great deal at this stage; with the initial planning done on cloud-based services, everyone involved can have easy access to the most current information. Also, finding the best quality rings, affordable venues, arranging customized gifts for special guests, selection of the overall wedding themes, generate new décor ideas can not only be derived from the internet but with the help of cloud-based services these can be discussed in detail with everyone concerned, without meeting physically.

2-      Invitations

Gone are the outdated times of sending paper invitations to all guests and family members. With the current digital technology in use one can easy get a mobile application developed for the wedding, complete with all the necessary information that anyone would need. Today everyone is connected to others through the powerful medium of social network. Hence using online web design software such as Pixelmator can help you craft your own wedding invitations and then edit the same in case of last minute changes, without the hassles of calling and confirm every invitee. One can also create a facebook group or a twitter handle and post all necessary information and updates about the wedding for the attendees.

3-      U streaming

Nothing feels better than making a commitment to the person you love, in front of all the people that matter to you. Sadly, not everyone makes it to the wedding. Be it work commitments or prior engagements or the last minute fallouts, someone that you so dearly love might not be able to attend the wedding. However, in the technologically advanced world today you can still make them watch the ceremony live, all you have to do is stream the entire ceremony with the help of Qik or SocialCam applications. With the ubiquity of WiFi your ceremony then can be easily viewed all over the world through it.

4-      Music

Music is one aspect that sets the mood for the entire wedding and with the help of technology you can come up with some new age ideas to make a wedding more interesting than before. With the help of websites like Google and Spotify you can find music by years and then download it. Compile it and Re-arrange it in an order that you would want it to appear at the ceremony. Who needs a DJ now? When you can do all of that he does that too with your choice and preferences. Also, one can efficiently use the technology to create a shared playlist online and ask their friends and families to contribute to it so that every song in your wedding has a reason and a purpose of its own.

5-      Getting Social

In every wedding, thousands of pictures are taken by the attendees who later share it as per their own conveniences on separate digital platforms. Why not use a projector or a TV as a social media station in your wedding and ask people to tweet or share their photos, thoughts, comments instantly by following a particular hashtag? By doing this not only will your wedding be a trend setter for avid social media lovers but it will also enable you to have all the memories associated with the wedding accumulated at one place together.

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