5 Guinness World Records that you can attempt breaking at your next event


What if you could make all your event attendees official Guinness World Records holders at your next event? Yes, the above it not a hoax but something which can actually be achieved though some creative innovations and a video camera. Not only will a world record attempt make your event the most buzzing property around the industry but it will also ensure that your guests walk out proud, with an experience that will forever be registered in the books of history.

To attempt for a Guinness World Records all an event planner has to do is either opt for a free record application, which does not require an adjudicator at the event or they can use the company’s premium services that provide an adjudicator at the event and can include assistance with marketing, social media, project management, and more. This time at EE, we share with you 5 Guinness World Records that you can attempt breaking at your next event.

1-Largest salad ever made

Now this has fun written all over it and can be used by event organizers as an ice-breaking activities at events. The challenge is not only fun but healthy. However it has to be done in one instant and the difficult part lies on the preparation of the ingredients. The challenge is a group attempt and hence can easily be something that corporates try during their next team building events.

2-Longest line of shoes

This is one of the easiest challenges to take. All you need to do is invite guests to take off their shoes, line them along and then you take the measurement of the line from beginning to end. You can calculate the length of the line beforehand by counting the expected participants. Make sure to set the rule, in which you might ask each one to use only the shoes they have on.

3-Most T-shirts put on in one minute

The Current record for the challenge is 31 which seems quite difficult to break but the activity of merely attempting it can be an amazing experience too. The t-shirts to be used at the challenge can be of any size, short or long-sleeved, and you may enlist a friend to help you pull them down (though they must be put on one at a time).

4-Most sticky notes on the face in one minute

Corporate events have a new game that can be played now. With the Current record at 58 this particular Guinness World Record does have some intricate requirements that have to be met.  The person attempting the record must use sticky notes measuring a minimum of 73mm on each side and they must be placed there by the individual themself, and must remain attached for a minimum of 10 seconds after the minute is over. Sounds interesting? Try it.

5-Most tennis balls held in one hand

This one seems easy but the challenge already is too hard to achieve with the Current record set at 26  balls. However the attempt itself can be a super interesting games that people could play at all forms of events. The rules of the challenge are that the balls must be placed one at a time with the spare hand, and all must remain in place for a minimum of five seconds once the last ball has been put in position.

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