4th Delhi International Jazz Festival- A lost opportunity for brands?


The 4th Delhi International Jazz Festival kicked off to a ‘damp’ start on 28 March owing to an unexpected downpour (pardon the pun!) and concluded on 30 March, surprisingly to a packed house on the last two days. With Nehru Park being the festival venue, the posh Chanakyapuri area was chock-a-block with traffic as people of varied ages crawled through the festival gates and sprawled on the venue grounds. Anyone with some ground under their feet (or bottom) and within proximity of audible music would be considered lucky.

Who would have thought that jazz, a ‘non-mainstream’ genre of music, would draw in such an enormous crowd. Well, we can safely say the brands didn’t!

‘Entertainment’ is increasingly being seen as a branding opportunity for marketers to capitalize on. The audience for a western music genre event belongs mostly to the middle or upper income strata, they are in high spirits, they are there for a cause that’s dear to them and if they can associate that memory with a brand- its a clear homerun. But surprisingly, amidst all the action through the 3 days of the Festival the normally omnipresent brands were nowhere to be seen. Speaking on the subject, GautamKapoor, Founder, Big Show Entertainers commented, “We got a great response from the Jazz Festival. The festival was in its 4th edition this year but it’s never been of such scale previously. We stressed a great deal on the amplification of the event through social media and digital platforms and the turnout proved to be incredible. However, we had a very short window of time to finalize everything. The preparation for the event at our end began only around 15 March, leaving us with less than two weeks to put the show together. This left us with very little time to bring sponsors on board too. Certain alcohol brands depicted interest but sale of alcohol was restricted at Nehru Park, an NDMC owned area therefore it couldn't work out. Times City and Dasnac were the two sponsors we tied up with and entry to the festival was free for all. I’m happy to say we pulled it off well.”

The Ministry of External Affairs had passed a tender on 3rd February inviting an expression of interest to organize the festival. Several event planners forwarded their proposal to ICCR outlining points including:

(a) Format of the Festival

(b) Proposed Indian groups

(c) Total cost of the Festival

(d) Value of sponsorship raised

(e) Net financial cost on ICCR

Finally Big Show Entertainers were granted the mandate within a week of the tender being passed.

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