4 Top Marketing Tips For Event Artists: Swati Sharma

Any artist can relate to the feeling of discomfort around marketing one’s talent. Here are four top tips for marketing, especially recommended for event artists.


Marketing - the word most artists dread. Any artist can relate to the feeling of discomfort around the marketing of one’s talent. The thing about talent marketing that makes it especially challenging is how closely it is knit to the person. The talent which is the product is a direct extension of the artist themselves. It is a vulnerable place to be in. The experiential industry has seen a boon of talent managing agencies that market and manage the artist for their share of the earning, the percentage ranging from 10% to 30% depending on mutual discussion between the two parties.

At the same time there is still a vast majority of artists that are independent and run every aspect of their business themselves, from the actual performance to handling content on social media , managing time and other resources keeping things in order to deliver the best output any time and every time.

All factors considered marketing tools are a necessity in today’s wide spread industry, both to survive as well as to optimize your profits. The clock is ticking and before you lose any more time here are the 4 tools for marketing especially recommended for event artists.

Digital Presence

Face Book , Instagram , Twitter , Linkedin, Youtube and Whatsapp. These social platforms are today the most widely used modes of connecting. They are accessible, free of cost and you get to reach out to a large number of people with a single click or tap.

For any public figure, which is the category you fall under if you are an entertainer or artist. It is not only recommended but most compulsory to have a digital media presence. It makes you accessible as well as you get to spread the word about what you are doing and exhibit your work to the outer world.

You don’t have to be as active as every social media influencer, though there is no harm if you are. One thing to note though will be to not get too carried away in the race for content and end up sharing content that may be misleading to your profile. For example – posting too many singing videos if you are a choreographer, or making dialogue tik toks if you are a singer, or dance videos as an anchor. It may amuse your audience once in a while but the more you post in alignment with your work profile the better relevance you are set to enjoy. Think of it in a way that the person who is going through your public pages should be able to guess what you do through your posts.

Hence, if you are a singer – update singing related content etc.

Industry Conventions

Today there are several networking platforms that are developed by association bodies and media agencies  to bring the professionals face to face. Eema – events and experiential managers association, enjoys the recognition of being an apex body representing the event professionals with a pan India presence. Each zone has its dedicated leadership team. The association has been organizing national level conventions that are open to any stake holder to attend through a simple registration process at . There is also BW Applause awards. These conventions provide a very lucrative opportunity to an Artist to meet potential clients and have a face to face interaction with them which immediately puts you at an advantage over someone they have not met and makes you more memorable in comparison.

Eeema Membership

The association offers a Star Membership to all artists. This membership is open across talents from anchor, singer to choreographers, dancers, DJs and any other sort of experiential talent. The terms are listed on the website. Benefits of the membership include a rebated rate at registration of conventions, being able to use the EEMA logo on your website, visiting cards etc., being a part of an inner circle of the key players, being added to exclusive whatsapp groups of your respective zones granting you access to the database of other members.  

Mailers & Articles

Email Marketing when used correctly has been proven to yield successful results for businesses across genres. E-MAILERS are a specially designed creative that highlight your strengths with key words and are shot off to the largest database of event agencies made available by everything experiential.

Articles are again a great way of sharing aspects of your professional USPs that make a good impression on your clients and also make for additional content to update on various platforms.

The reach of both these tools is in 10 000 to 50 000s which guarantees a very substantial exposure to your body of work.

Hope you make the most of these tools and help yourself grab more opportunities in your field. Do share your thoughts in comments.

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