15th Tata Mumbai Marathon to feature new route with 343 toilets, 9000 cops, 500 doctors

Procam International have announced the planning and preparation undertaken to ensure a smooth flow of the 15th edition of TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018. Speaking at the event’s Media Centre at Marathi Patrakar Sangh, in Mumbai,Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam International; Hugh Jones, Race Director; Dr. Nilesh Gautam, Medical Director and Satish Uchil, Technical Representative from BCDAA announced a range of measures and facilities provided on race day for participants to experience angreat race.


This year the TATA Mumbai Marathon will see minor route changes in timing, start and finish lines across categories:


Race Category


Start Time


Start Location


Finish Location


Marathon Amateurs

(42.195 km)


05:40 am






Marathon Elite

(42.195 km)








Half Marathon

(21.097 km)


05:40 am


Worli Dairy




Timed 10K Run

(10 km)


06:10 am






Senior Citizens Run

(Approx 4.3 km)


07:25 am




Opp. Metro


Champions with Disability

(Approx. 1.5 km)


07:45 am




M. G. Road


Dream Run

(Approx. 6km)


08:20 am




Opp. Metro

On the announcement, Hugh Jones, Race Director said, “There is a slight change this year along the route around the 30 km point. With Dr. Annie Besant Road being made available to us after 3 years, it has allowed us to do away with the zigzag that was done to make up distance at the top of Bandra. These two changes in practice are very helpful. We have dropped two U Turns, and inserted three right angle turns. We blocked two 180 degree turns and inserted three in the last 770 mts of the course. In terms of timings, having three 90 degree turns is better than having two 180 degree turns. This I feel will add to the competitive spirit of the finish.”

Satish Uchil, Technical Representative, BCDAA said, “Hugh Jones has measured the course, and it has been certified by the AIMS. As far as technical conduct is concerned, the Bombay City District Athletic Association along with other officials of the neighboring associations are extending complete technical support. We have more than 50 officials on the course, on bikes. Procam International has been the pioneers in cultivating and forming a culture of distance running in India, and I have had the opportunity to witness all the races in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and others. We are sure that we will have the best marathon as far as technical and other logistics are concerned." 

For the convenience of all Half Marathon participants, there will be free shuttle service. A total of 55 BEST buses from 03:30am till 05:15 amhave been arranged which will shuttle people to the venue from different locations. The BEST Shuttle bus services include:

 1) Central Participants (travelling by Central Railway line) - 20 buses shall be operating from Currey Road Station (Central Railway) i.e. Lower Parel East.

2) Western Suburb Participants (travelling by Western Railway line) - 20 buses shall be operating from Mahalaxmi Railway Station (Race course Side).

3) Western Suburb Participants (travelling by Car / Radio Taxis) taking drop off - 15 buses shall be operating from Doordarshan Kendra.

All these buses will shuttle from respective Pick-up Point to “Love Grove Bus stop” at the Junction of Worli Sea Face Road and Dr Annie Besant Road. Last bus from respective location will leave by 5.15 a.m. sharp so as to reach the Half Marathon venue on time.

Participants who will be travelling by Car / Radio Taxis via Dr. Annie Besant Road to Doordarshan have to drop off at DoordarshanBhavan and take shuttle to Love Grove Bus stop. Participants who will come by road from South Mumbai in cars will be checked for the Bib at Haji Ali Junction and further allowed to come till Atria Mall for drop off.

The occasion was also used to announce the arrangements instituted by Asian Heart Institute (AHI), the Medical Partner to the event for the past twelve years in succession.  AHI has contributed state-of-the-art facilities and services for the runners. With its entire medical infrastructure in place, Asian Heart Institute can aptly handle any medical emergency - injuries, dehydration, or any other complication arising due to long distance running, along the route.

Dr. Nilesh Gautam, Medical Director, added, “It’s a privilege for Asian Heart Institute and myself to be associated with the Mumbai Marathon since inception. For the 4th year we are aiming for a proud big ‘zero' in mortality on the course. With the race week giving the adrenalin pump, we are at the sharpest and most alert. With more than 500 volunteers, ambulances, doctors on bike, and 8 stations along the way, we will be manning the entire course with a keen eye on those in trouble or facing difficulty. We have seen maximum mortality on course the world over particularly in the last stretch, when runners are pushing themselves to make their personal best. We will have senior doctors especially at the last stretch to keep a look out for those experiencing trouble. Our message to all participants is - Have a safe marathon; Look after yourself, help is there all along the way. "

For the convenience of the participants, the following facilities are available along the route: 

·         Water: 1.5 lakh litres

·         Water Stations: 27 

·         Medical Stations: 12 (including 2 Base Camps)

·         ORSL Restoration Stations: 9

·         Nestlé Refresh Zones: 11

·         Cool Sponge Stations: 11

·         Toilets: 343 

·         Chemical Toilets on Road: 72, Urinals 33

·         On route Public Toilets: 5

·         Ambulances: 11                                                               

·         Doctors on Duty: 500  

·         Policemen on Duty: 9000           

·         Security Guards: 1600                                                  

·         Volunteers: 1400                                                            

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