10 suggestions to beat the lockdown blues : Bhavana Bhatia

I have a firm belief that we as an industry will get through this and trust me when all this gets over we will have enough shows for each and everyone of us writes Bhavana Bhatia.


The COVID-19 crisis has hit industries across the world and in the previous article we read that the events and experiential industry could look at registering over 3000 crores of losses. That figure is huge and many of my event partners are facing a tough time during this crisis and so are we.

Now with 21 days of curfew ahead of us which could even extend, I would like to share my 10 suggestions as to what the ARTIST COMMUNITY can do during this time. As they say, time is money and with so much time at hand if used productively we could flourish in our personal and professional lives.

  1. Enhancing Creativity - The entire artist community thrives on creativity. Be it Singers, Dj’s, Emcee’s, Performers everyone with every show should up the game. With time in hand, one could look at possible ways to enhance our act - refining our technique and designing an entirely innovative act.
  2. Exercise your mental toughness every day - I used to neglect my brain. Many of us are mentally weak, think too much and don’t rely on themselves. It isn’t because we lack skills. It was because we don’t trust in the ability to figure things out. So I started reading about stoicism, Pragmatism and Mindfulness; anything that helps one to control thoughts and improve your mental toughness. Trust me if one can control their thoughts they are true winners
  3. Think about your past success and happiness- Be it our first show, our first standing ovation, our first award, think about it. Every positive and happy thought stimulates the production of serotonin, a chemical nerve our cells produce. Serotonin is the key chemical that affects every part of your body and plays a huge role in our bodily functions, reduce depression, regulate anxiety and help you focus.
    Alex Krob, A neurologist at UCLA quotes: “All you need to do ( To increase serotonin levels ) is remember positive events that have happened in your life. This simple act increases the serotonin production in the anterior cingulate cortex, which is a region behind the prefrontal cortex that controls attention.
  4. Freedom is your enemy - Stay Focused - The day I turned down my job at Google back in 2011, I knew what I was getting into. The community of artists doesn’t have bosses at most we have our artist managers to look after our work. But the fact is if you want to get things done, you need rules. Be it Self imposed deadlines, Accountability Systems ( Commitments to Friends, Family, Coach ), Eliminating Distractions and most importantly developing internal motivation. Right now is the time to introspect and get focused.
  5. Read Read Read - As a Dutch renaissance man Eramus once said,”When I have little money, I buy books and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes. Trust me reading a book is the best thing which you can do for yourself . 1 hour of daily reading will do wonders. Also, it is important to retain knowledge - I follow the habit of making notes from every book I read. Currently as suggested by Dr Annurag Batra himself whom I am sure most of us know is an avid reader I am reading these 4 books - No Limits by Mukesh Bansal, Being Love by Sister BK Shivani in conversation with Suresh Oberoi, The Longevity Code By Kris Verburgh & The Magic of Big Thinking by David Schwartz.
  6. Workout at Home & Eat Healthy - A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and vice versa. With the gyms being shut, it's time to now switch to working out at home . I and my group of friends have been motivating each other, designing a workout plan daily and doing at least 60 minutes of workout daily. Trust me it will break the monotony of the day and help you stay charged up
  7. Social Distancing but not Virtual Distancing - Trust me it is the best time for us to enjoy with our family and friends. Thanks to the internet the world has become a smaller place. You are just a call away from your childhood friends, your peers, your well wishes. Every night we have a special night planned at home - a game night, a cooking night, the musical night, the clubbing night. Trust me family completes you, so instead of Netflixing only - enjoy these smaller pleasures of life.
  8. Declutter - Keep away from clutter: A cluttered life means a cluttered brain . And with a cluttered brain you can’t get stuff done. Now is the perfect time to dig every part of your house and remove the unessentials. Keep only the things necessary and in use and create a bag for donation once all this gets over . Trust me we all are blessed with what we have.
  9. Learn a new language- I have always wanted to learn a new language but never really got the time. I had done a short term course in learning French in St Xavier’s but seemed to have forgotten it all. So I installed the app, Duolingo and have reached level 3 already. Thanks to the lockdown so much time in hand.
  10. Engage with your Audience- Spread positivity and engage with your audience. So glad to see EEMA roll out the Home Concert on The Janta Curfew Day the biggest of singers across the country all did a home concert for the viewers across the world. Likewise, it is a great time to fine-tune your content, upgrade your website and videos and ensure a great line of material goes out right now.

At the end I would like to conclude in the line of Jim Rohn - “At the end of the day, you should play back the tapes of your performance - The results should either applaud you or prod you"

Laugh a little, Accept the uncertainty, Maintain the Self Discipline and Spread Positivity.

I have a firm belief that we as an industry will get through this and trust me when all this gets over we will have enough shows for each and everyone of us. Till then let's be there for each other and remain indoors . This is me Bhavana Bhatia signing off for today and trust me it feels so good saying that after a long time.

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