10 key takeaways from Sushma Gaikwad’s Reboot Camp with EEMA

Sushma Gaikwad, Director, Ice Global and Wizcraft MIME was speaking at the Michael Menezes-knowledge series.


The events industry is going through one of its most challenging times. The on-going lockdown means there will be no immediate business for the millions who are part of this industry.

In such times, boosting the morale of the industry stakeholders is critical. As part of its outreach programme, the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) has started the Michael Menezes-knowledge series to pay tribute to the visionary leader.

As part of the series, Sushma Gaikwad, Director, Ice Global and Wizcraft MIME recently shared some tips about staying motivated and unleashing the power of the subconscious mind in these hard quarantine times. 

Here are some key takeaways from her session:

1) Words are powerful. We can tick people off by the words we use. Hence leaders should use empowering language.

2) The subconscious mind creates your reality. 90% of your decisions are taken by it. Hence rebooting it is very necessary.

3) Judgment, presumptions, assumptions, pre-judgments and beliefs are the things that impact the coding of our subconscious mind.

4) Instead of just success, aim for fulfillment in all areas of your life because the barometer of success keeps changing in our life journey. 

5) Motivate your subconscious mind into action and the simple way to do it is by the language. Language is the key as it creates a synapse that drives thought into action.

6)  Empower yourself with empowering or positive self-talk. Instead of saying ‘I will try’ use the phrase ‘I will give it my best shot’. The key is to start listening to yourself and your own thoughts.

7) All three aspects of health- physical, mental and spiritual are equally important. Indulge in good rituals of right eating and exercising.

8) Concentrate on your breathing pattern because it will help you to control your mind. An example: Whenever you are stressed, shift your energy field by closing your eyes, inhaling and breathing out loudly with a noise.

9) Reach out to others if you feel alone or depressed. Health is not just about hitting the gym but one needs to be healthy in all three areas-- mind, body and spirit.

10) You can only change yourself and not others so drop any judgments about others and try to alter your own perspective.

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