10 husband-wife duos in events that have nailed the model

Running a business, especially one that is open round the clock, can often make you lose sight of a work-life balance. Next thing you know you are returning home to a scornful spouse feeling dejected because you have surfaced after five days on the job. A classic issue among event professionals. But some couples have got it figured out and cracked the model of working together whilst managing to not kill each other. Here are some glowing examples of husband-wife duos running some of the country's most successful event enterprises.


Samit Garg and Manika Garg

E Factor Entertainment

Samit Garg and Manika Garg are the proud owners of E Factor Entertainment. Samit Garg serves as the Director of E-Factor Adventure Tourism Pvt. Ltd and has been in the entertainment business for over a decade while Manika Grag is the Vice President at E Factor Entertainment. The duo have many firsts to their credit including the rights to International hot air ballooning festiival in India.

Sanjeev Pasricha and Anjali Pasricha

CS Direkt

Sanjeev Pasricha is the Group CEO of CS Direkt Group of Companies which includes CS Direkt Events & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, Destination Direkt, Design Matrix and Vision Direkt while Anjali Pasricha, is the additional director at CS Direkt.

Sushma Gaikwad and Pramod Gaikwad

Ice Global

Ice Global is doing pioneering work in the space of events and entertainment. While Pramod Gaikwad is the CEO & partner Ice Global, Sushma Gaikwad is Co-Founder and Director of Ice Global. Ms. Gaikwad is a Dale Carnegie certified trainer, NLP practitioner and a breakthrough therapist.

Raghav Roy Kapur and Priyanka Roy Kapur

Livewire experience

Priyanka Roy Kapur is the Director - Business Relations at Livewire Experience and knows what it takes to deliver a successful event and create it into an experience. She has a career spanning a decade in sales & marketing in the Media & Technology industry. It was during this span where she was introduced and soon engulfed into the world of events and entertainment. Raghav Roy started this venture on his own accord, driven by a vision and an over-riding passion, he is the guiding force of the company.

Rajesh Varma and Meenu Varma

CRI Events

Rajesh Varma is the founder Member of EEMA (Events and Entertainment Management Association). Meenu Varma has been in the business of experiential marketing from last 17 years and has been delivering experiences to corporates in the field of of events, exhibitions and activations

Jai Thakore and Sonali Thakore

E Factor Entertainment

Jai Thakore is one of the most formidable names in the Indian Wedding Design fraternity, is the COO of E Factor Events, India's premier Luxury Wedding Planning company and has done designed weddings for the Bachchan Family (Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Wedding), Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra Wedding, the Saraf family, the Sahara family to name just a few. Sonali Thakore is an industry expert and is the Vice President of E Factor Events. A distinguished person with unmatched execution skills, Sonali is a force to reckon with.

Geeta Samuel and Arun Samuel

Q Events

Arun is the technical brain behind Q Events who switched from Merchant Navy to the challenges of translating client dreams into tangible reality. Geeta Samuel began her career with the hospitality industry, where she often lent her creative energies to help finetune events for clients. Years later, many of those clients still rely on her to make their events memorable, unique, and personal through her company Q Events.

Vandana Sood Aggarawal and Tarun Aggarwal


Vandana Sood Agarwal is the Director at Communique Marketing Solutions. Under her leadership Communique delivers projects locally, regionally, nationally and globally, for a multitude of top-notch brands. Tarun is the Director, Communiqué Marketing Solutions.

Nishant Parashar and Aarti Parashar


Aarti Parashar is the Director at Engage4more and alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies while Nishant is the Founder Director at Engage4more and has been in the events space for over 15 years.

Rakhi Kankaria and Sanjay Kankaria

Rachnaoutsav events

Sanjay is the creative genius behind the success of Rachnoutsav. Clients have respect for him professionally and admiration personally. He makes the business of reaping happiness complete along with Rakhi, who compliments it with her wit and charm.

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