“Without a path breaking idea one cannot expect to be noticed”- Sagar Boke, Head of Marketing, Dalda India


Dalda cooking oils is a known household brand today that has made its presence felt not only in the urban but also in the rural markets of the country. The brand has recently heavily invested towards creating experiences for customers through a diversified range of experiential marketing activities and initiatives.

EE caught up Mr Sagar Boke, Head of Marketing, Bunge India on the importance of experiential activities for their brand Dalda and so much more.

Q- Dalda Cooking Oils has always been active in terms of creating an experiential connect with the audiences be it Rath Yatra In Puri, Baisakhi in Punjab, Holi in UP and even other smaller activations. So how important is experiential marketing for Dalda cooking oil?

A-I would say very important because we compete in the commodities category. While the awareness for any product is created by the mass media the emotional connect only happens through activations and creating experiences for with and for a brand. It is one of the most important pillars of a marketing strategy to create experiences which are unique and enable emotional connect for the brand. Dalda has always been associated with Vanaspati oil and now since the brand has also extended in terms of edible oils it is important for people to know. So when we have activations and consumer driven experiences like the Rath Yatra is Puri where people got to know and experience the edible cooking oil Dalda hands on such experiences are very important for the brand.

Q- Dalda as a brand also has a strong hold in rural market of the country. How has your brand catered to the experiential needs of the rural areas of the country?

A-Dalda edible oils was launched around 2 years back and the idea initially is to look at the urban market so most of the activities that we are doing currently are for the urban market however we have also started with our experiential ventures in the rural areas. As an example Nauchandi Mela in UP attracts over 1.5 million visitors every time it is held and we have done a lot of activations there so that the rural audience also takes notice of the brand.

Q-Do you have a separate marketing budget demarcated for the experiential marketing activities that Dalda executes throughout the year?

A-Yes, we do have a part of our marketing budget solely devoted to BTL activations and experiential activities of the brand. In terms of a specific percentage I can say around 20% of our marketing budget is devoted for such activities.

Q-Most other brands in the country that heavily invest in experiential prefer to create their own event IP’s down the line. Is that the way forward for Dalda too?

A-At Dalda, we have already done that. We have created our own property called Dial-D wherein we have a dedicated helpline. Consumers can give a missed call on the helpline and get a call back about recipes that they can make using the Dalda oil. Apart from that there is also a sections where people can contribute their own recipes and get rewarded for that. Overall the platform Dial-D has over 1.2 million customers which makes it one of the biggest mobile marketing platforms in the country. We also integrated the same platform with other media forms such as print and events.

As far as association with other intellectual properties is concerned we have been associated with Masterchef India for the last two seasons. And we have not just been the sponsors but the product has also been integrated in the show as an example we have had a special episode where the contestants had to cook a dish by using the Dalda oils.

Q-What are the qualities that you look for in an event agency before you hire them for an event execution?

A-The most important characteristic that we look for in an event agency is to come up with a path breaking idea. Currently a lot of brands are experimenting with experiential and unless and until you have something clutter breaking you cannot expect to be noticed. Also the ability to execute the plan well is essential as there is very little amount of time to execute the campaign when we have decided upon the details.

Q-What are some other experiential campaigns that you have come to know and admire by other brands?

A-There are a lot of brands which are doing really well in terms of such campaigns and I really like the work that Idea is doing as a brand. They have really taken the usage of internet at the next level and informed masses how it can affect their lives so that is one brand that I admire.

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