“We will occupy the Indian market”- Robin Coupar, Global Brand Ambassador, Glen Grant

Aspri Spirits is launching Glen Grant (10 Year Old) in India that has won two of the highest accolades in the Whiskey world. The ‘Most Coveted Single Malt of the Year 10 Years and Under’ and a ‘Liquid Gold’ score of 96 out of 100 in the 13th edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, for the fourth consecutive year. In an exclusive interview with EE, Robin Coupar, Global Brand Ambassador talks about: The niche the brand aims to carve in the Indian Market, the audience they are eyeing and their long term goals.


Q- What made you launch Glen Grant in India?
India is a fast growing and a large market where the consumers are looking to explore luxury products. The market is in India is constantly evolving, and demanding new products hence we see India as the perfect market for our product. At Glen we are now in a position to roll our product out to the Indian market.

Q- What are your strategies to carve a niche among the whiskey consumers in India?
We love competition, and bringing Glen to India is a big step for the brand. Consumers are always looking for something new and we have their “something new”. The audience we are aiming for with the brand is whiskey lovers who have a sense of the luxury associated with whiskey. Our audience is the sort of people who will definitely try something new, and with the right advertising, experiential marketing and the uniqueness of our product, we will occupy the Indian market.

Q- What is the experiential strategy for Glen grant?
At the moment we are just beginning our venture in the Indian market. The primary focus is to establish the brand in the market, and make it accessible to the consumer. We are in a stage of building the brand at the moment. In the future once the bottles hit the shelves we will have a plan for experiential marketing of Glen. We are planning to carry out tasting sessions across tier one cities in India at the moment. We will also get in touch with high end restaurants and hotels and writers to promote the product.

Q- What is the USP of Glen Grant?
Our history is rich and comes with a lot of experience. Ours is brand built by craftsmen. It is not a product available everywhere and for everyone, each bottle that we sell comes with a class. Every drop of liquid inside the bottle is put in with expertise and high value selection of the ingredients. Glen grant is a super style whiskey that gives you a reason to live.

Q- What can we expect from Glen grant in 2017?
We aim to build this brand in the right way. Glen grant has a huge range of Whiskey available for the consumer. We have the 12 year old, 15 year old range as well. We are in our drafting stages of the plan to launch all the brands, we are also looking forward to launch a few limited edition bottles. So we have a lot on cards for India in 2017.

Q- Are there any partnerships in the pipeline to promote Glen Grant?
We are looking forward for partnership with all the big names in the industry. Our primary focus is fine dining and luxury restaurants. The Taj group, Hayat, Hilton etc. all could be our potential partners. We are also in talks with major bars across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Goa. High quality ingredients and high quality lifestyle is our agenda hence we are willing to target all the high end luxury restaurants and bars across the country.

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